Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Cut and Jelly Bath

Jessica is gone.......
Not surprising really, since she's never added much to the show other than being Miss Minnesota. I was so hoping that Deanna would get the boot last night. Could she be any more sure of herself??? and whats up with Shauna and her two faced little conversation with Elizabeth when they were both home sick?
If you havent watched this show, you should. I love the format and the challenges each week are really cool.
Im not sure who Im rooting for now that James is gone...I like the underdog usually and I think Elizabeth has gotten a bum rap so maybe her.

On another note, Im on a mission to find some Jelly Bath Im not sure how the whole bath thing would feel so Im going to start slow with the foot soak. I love their website though. It makes me smile :)

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