Friday, July 29, 2005

Over used words

Do you know people that over use a word or phrase? I work with someone who says 'like' in almost every sentence. I think I use to use like alot too but I realized it and broke myslef of it (I hope). But today I was thinking about it and wondering if I use a word or phrase too often and don't realize it.
I know I use the word exactly all the time. I find myself saying Exactly! whenever I agree with something someone has said. I need to be careful I don't start using it too often.
Like like? Exactly! :)

Today my picture is of the lavendar festival we went to a few weekends back. It was a few hour drive but well worth it once we arrived. The smell was heavenly but the bumble bees were everywhere. Since Paul has an allergy to bee stings we were slightly on edge as we were winding our way through the fields.

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Kathy said...

lol I know what you mean! I use 'like' way to often when I am speaking also. like too funny ;)