Monday, August 29, 2005

Chin lifters and the color wheel rule number three

More exciting news... Im thinking of starting an exercise program.
Since I pretty much suck at sticking to an exercise program I think Im going to start off small.

The first one will be a facial exercise. This is an area I particularly need the most help neck/chin area (or lack thereof of it). As all you family members know, we're blessed by birthright to the lovely Davis droopy chin thingy. You know where you have no chin, when your neck seems to start at your bottom lip and be a straight line right down to your collar bone.
Its lovely... The older you get the saggier it gets...Before I book an appt with my local plastic surgeon I thought I'd try some exercises first.
So the first exercise I found is called The Chin Lifter - it's to tighten the chin muscles.
Tilt your chin up and put your lower lip over your top lip...(okay I feel the stretch). Now place your fingers flat just above your jawbone( not sure why). Smile. Hold for six beats, release, then repeat.
Im thinking this one will look particularly attractive when done in the car at the traffic lights. I'll let you know how that works for me. I think I'll do this while rockin' out to my new Kenny Chesney CD ;)

Rule Three of the color wheel:
Opposites Attract. Every color has a natural complement on the opposite side of the color wheel; that's why red and green look so good together. These are complementary color schemes. We all know that right? Warm colors have cool complements while cool colors have warm complements. Yep that's true.
What I just realized is this is my solution to my color scheme problem in my house.
As I wrote a few days ago Im trying to come up with a color scheme that flows throughout my house and looks continuous from room to room. My problem, or so I thought it was, is that I love warm colors downstairs in the living areas of the house, but I wanted cool colors upstairs in the bedrooms and my scraproom. How was this going to look like oncohesiveve color scheme?
The solution is found right there in rule number three.
All I need to do is have a complementary opposite color as an accent. So if I have a yellow or toupe room downstairs, all I need to do is have a blue or green accent color in the room. Then upstairs in my blue or green room, I just bring the toupe or yellow into that room - shazam! it flows :)
Im off to the Sherman Williams website for further studies...

2Peas Meme Challenge # 9

So Tenika posted a new Challenge on 2peas to list the 10 places you want to travel to.
Here's a link to the thread and my list-this was fun to think about. Thanks Tenika! :)

2peas Meme Challenge #9

10 Places I Want to Travel to:

1. Tuscany
2. The Isands of the Bahamas
3. Spain
4. London
5. Santa Fe, NM
6. The Greek Islands
7. Venice
8. The Grand Canyon
9. Washington DC
10. Paris

Sunday, August 28, 2005

decorating style

As long as we've lived in this house I have never been happy with the interior paint colors of the whole house all at the same time. I may like one room, but not the room next to it. I repaint about every other year. I love to paint. I love lots of color on the walls and Im not afraid to use bright rich color on them. One time I painted then repainted my kitchen three times in one weekend. I just couldn’t come up with a color combinationI liked that went well with the adjoining rooms.

Right now Im trying to find a paint scheme that works in a cohesive flow throughout the entire house. I don't want one room to clash with the next; I want them to flow from room to room. I want them to be different, yet I want them to blend and feel like they belong together, like a model home.
My problem is I cannot seem to settle on a warm or cool palette. I love blues and greens for the bedrooms but love the warm gold’s and yellows in the living areas. At one time the living room had 2 walls painted a terra cotta and two creamy off white walls. I liked it alot until we bought new furniture it clashed so I painted it a taupe color. I also had problems with it at Christmas. It was hard to find a red that did not clash with the terra cotta.
I need to repaint the guest bedroom but I want to decide on a scheme first that will flow through the upstairs. I know that I want to paint my scraproom a green. Right now the upstairs bath is khaki, white with red and black accents. I really like it but it doesn't go with the blue/green scheme. Does it matter?
The family room is RL burlap, the kitchen is white with a sponged wash of burlap over the top, and the living room is taupe…hey, where did my color go?

It’s a mess. I need to figure out a scheme and repaint each room, one at a time…
My husbands going to kill me………….he should be use to it by now.

On the other hand, I love my dishes, towels and sheets to be plain white. I love that fresh, clean look.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Even my dog is stressed out

My dog has been stressed.
He's normaly a very calm dog but in the past year Paul and I have done quite a bit more traveling than we have in the past. We take the dogs to a kennel when we're gone. After we returned from our 10 day vacation in Maui, Mochi started stressing out when we'd leave him home alone. He's lick and chew at the door of the laundry room (his sleeping room) the entire time we were gone. By the time we'd come home, he'd be soaking wet from slobbering, it was horrible. So today I got him some Comfort Zone It's suppose to emit Dog appeasing pheromones to help him feel
happy. Apparently its pheromones from momma dogs put off and it calms dogs. I got the plug in model, but it comes in spray form too. Im soooooo hoping this works. My dog needs some bliss
***update- this thing works! It's amazing. Ever since the day I plugged it in he has been calm. I placed another order from Drs Foster and Smith (an online petstore) as its about half price of the one I bought at Petsmart. I also ordered the spray. Im going to spray his toy when I have to send him to the kennel for boarding.

I wish they made something like this for us humans. All I have is those AirWick room things. If they would make me happy and calm, I'd have them in every room of the house! Great idea

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It's not easy being green...

I found out I share the same birthday and birth year
with someone famous................

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Its my party ....

Its my birthday. Yipee
I don't really like birthdays. Im feeling very old and I don't want to be reminded of another year passing. Paul isn't one for planning surprises. He pretty much justs asks me what I want for my birthday. He feels bad about it, but he's just not a good planner. That's okay.
My family is expecting to come over to my house this weekend for a party and Im trying my best to put it off. Why? Because cleaning my house, cooking for everyone and cleaning up afterwords does NOT sound like a happy birthday to me party. Paul swears he'll do it all if I want a party. Yeah right. Like Im going to sit on the couch and watch him clean the house and make a pasta salad...thats not gonna happen.
I would much rather scrap all afternoon then have my wonderful hubby take me out to dinner. Thats my story and Im sticking to it :)
In honor of my birthday I wanted to post a picture of myself, but I couldn't find one...not one. I found a few of hubby and I but thats it. Im the main picture taker in the family and so Im always behind the camera...not in front of it.
So instead, Im posting a few pictures a photographer friend, Alex Tinsman, took of Paul and I last year at christmas. Shes does awesome work. So, for my birthday picture, it'll have to do.
Tomorrow Im making my resolution list for the next year. First thing on the list is that I'll be asking for more pictures of myself :)
Happy birthday to me

Sunday, August 21, 2005

There's is the problem with starting a blog.
Its another responsibility. One Im not sure I need at the moment although the reason I started one is because I wanted to journal more about my everyday life and have a place to get my feelings down.
But all of a sudden I feel like I need to write in it everyday or that I need to come up with all kinds of clever things to say...really deep stuff or really entertaining stuff.
Why is that? Its not like I have tons of readers that stop in here everyday for a peek into my life.
The reality is that life right now is kind of rotten. We've got some really sad stuff going on and its hard sometimes to deal with it. I wanted somewhere where I could go and blurt it all out if I wanted or be happy if I want.
But today I about killed myself working around the house. Paul wanted to help really bad, but he just cant right now. I also had committed to watching Ethan for a few hours so although he's just a sweetheart right now, I think I would have preferred to lay low and do nothing.
but I took a few pics of him...Love this one where he and Elliott are checking each other out. And look at him sitting up like a big boy! He falls over after a few seconds, and he's so chubby that he kind of leans forward and it cuts off the circulation in his legs, they start turning a little blue! yikes

Friday, August 19, 2005

Dont Worry, Be happy...

Just have to share this layout I did today. I love these pictures of Ethan that I took on 4th of July. He was just learning how to smile and I just love how his whole face changes when that smile bursts out! The quote says, A laugh is a smile that bursts!

making progress...

Okay I've now learned how to put a photo banner up, but I cant seem to remove my title from my header. I added it to my photo banner so I don't want the other one (the black font) to show.
I tried to remove it in my settings but it wont let me save it without the title in there...grrr.
But Im making progress :)
As I was trying to find a picture I wanted for my banner I took this one of my scraptable this morning. The thought came to my mind that this was a big mess, but its a happy one. So the name My happy mess felt more approprite for my blog title... It does look happy doesn't it?
now if I can get that black title off of there....

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Summer rain...

I was so excited this morning to wake up to rain drops falling.
Something so refreshing to a summer rain shower. Yesterday was dry, tomorrow is suppose to be hot, the yard is brown and the grass is crunchy no matter how much I water it. Its amazing to me that one rainy day will green up the grass faster than watering it every day during hot weather. So its a good thing. We live in the pacific northwest after all, its suppose to rain here :)

I took Thursday and Friday off of work this week so I may or may not be around. Hopefully Paul and I will be able to relax a little after the stressful news with Justin recently.
Im happily registered for the CK Convention Oct 28th and 29th! Barb and I are cutting out of work early on Friday and heading to Bellevue. I reserved a room at the Red Lion so we're going to shop, eat, crop and take classes! so cool to be hanging out with other scrappers and just having fun. Im so excited :)

Monday, August 15, 2005

ding dong shauna's gone

I really like the show, The Cut. Im not sure why people haven't gotten into it. Im bummed I missed the show Friday night. Since it moved from Wed to Friday nights Im all confused.
I love the artistry that goes along with the competition each week. For once its not about anything other than talent and Tommy votes off the people he thinks didn't do a good job instead of the other contestants voting off the slacker. I think its a lot like the Apprentice.
Anyway, Shauna thought she was already a famous fashion designer. I think that was her problem. That and that she had no talent!
She walked around in her fur coat totally thinking she was slumming it. Most of the time she was sick and relied on her team mates to keep her in the competition. She should have been gone long ago. Bahbye Shauna

Sunday, August 14, 2005

too much to do...

“What do I do when there is so much to do?” It’s a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately in the midst of the countless chores and only two days on the weekend to do them.
Mind you, these two days are suppose to be my days of rest, my days to kick back and relax after a 50+ hour work week. But chores have to be done and I never seem to get them done during the week so...
I read this somewhere and I don't remember where but its always stuck with me.
It’s simply this: Do the next thing. Rather than being overwhelmed by all there is to do, rather than sitting still in self-pity, or frantically trying to do three things at once— simply do the next thing. So, thats what I do, I just keep going like the energizer bunny.
Its 7:45 on Sunday night and I still have a few more loads of clothes to wash, and a tag to make for Donnas Blog Book
Now that I have completed this post, I’m off to do the next thing—
Oh, and while your reading this...This is my picture from today just to enjoy :)

Friday, August 12, 2005

Meet Ethan

this little guy is the rock our entire family is currently holding on to. He is our famiy lifeline at the moment.
You see, his uncle Justin is very very sick. Everytime there is a glimmer of hope it seems to be quickly doused with cold hard truth.
This morning at 5 am was the 2nd worse call you ever want to receive about one of your children. Its the one were you're told to make sure his affairs are in order... where your told that we're not giving up hope, but reality is that you need to do, what you need to do to be ready for the 1st worst call you'd ever want to receive.
But Ethan represents hope to us all I think. Something about a baby that does something to your soul to make you believe you will get through it.
Right now Im not sure how we will, but I'm hanging on to this little guy as tight as I possibly can right now.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Kenny Chesney and a to do list

I have a new CD that I cant stop listening to.
Kenny Chesney as you why have I never bought this CD before? I play this thing over and over. Cant get enough.

Since I have to be home today with the plumber installing a stupid water heater I would like to get some things done around the house. So here's my to do list for today
1. figure out a way to have my MMM layouts uploaded and printed at Costco rather than use all my printer ink. check

2. work out. Today its walk away the pounds. check

3.Bake Paul a cake. I've been promising him that I would. Can I do it without water since thats shut off at the momemt. I think I can use bottled water. - check check

4. Once water heater is installed, go up to Costco and pick up poster sized pictures for my MMM entry. Yeah! check

5.Complete associated paperwork for MMM entry and prepare box to ship it off tomorrow! Yippeeee. I never thought I'd get it done in time. puff puff puff check

6. Get my kitchen floor mopped. I usually do this every Sat morning. This last Sat I blew off all housework and worked on my MMM entry instead. The floor needs some attention! nope, didnt get done..

Thats about it for today. I'll be happy to get this much done. Wish me luck :-)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

It's a miracle...

One pill. Just one.
Three doctors, Four blood tests, Six hours spent at doctor appointments, Four weeks of excrusiating pain. What a relief.

One pill, taken last night after dinner. This morning Paul can move again. All his joint pain and swelling is gone. He had to run up and down the stairs this morning to prove to me that he was healed. I all but expected him to jump for joy and click his heals together in the air.
Its a Miracle of modern medicine...its going to be a good day

Dang, I forgot to get a picture of him...should have captured that happiness.

In other encouraging news I was able to complete the last of my MMM layouts last night.
Im really pleased with all five layouts. One is a required topic. MM requires one layout to be Joy and comfort. I adore this layout. Its one I've thought about doing for over a year but this is the boost I needed to take the pictures. Im so happy to have this one done. Problem was that you have to send in the original layout and I may not get it back, so I made an exact duplicate to keep. Got that one done this weekend too.
Now I just have to get the copies made and I can mail that sucker off.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

the end of a long week

This has been a long week...
I haven't had much internet time this week. :( but, Im really happy that tomorrow is Friday and Paul has one of his Dr appts. That will be good to get out of the way. Monday he has another one that we hope we'll find out what the heck is going on with his joints. Its rare that Im looking forward to a Monday, but I am looking forward to this Monday. :) Got to be optomistic so Im putting this pretty little flower here to make me happy :)
Im hoping to get some scrapping done this weekend. That will make me happy! Its been ages since I've been in my scraproom. I've got a few pages done that I need to submitt and another one Im working on for my Memory Makers Masters entry. The deadline for this is coming up way faster than I thought it would...yikes. I may not make it in time.
Oh well, there's o much going on right now I am not going to stress about it. If I get it done, I'll enter. If I don't then I won't.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I have to get this off my chest...

This week I am tired. I am worried. I am sad. i am mad. I am scared. I am worried. I am worried that they wont find out soon what is wrong with Paul. Why does every joint in his body hurt with excruciating pain with even the slightest movement. How much more pain can he withstand yet still hoist his aching body out of bed each morning and struggle to work. How can this happen to a person simply because he broke his finger. Why is his hand so swollen two months after he broke his finger. Why does it take three weeks to get an appointment with a rheumatologist. If something is seriously wrong, what if waiting is just making it worse. I am tired because he cries out in pain in his sleep with every movement all night long and wakes me up.
I am sad and I am worried. Why does Justin now have a tumor on his spine when we’ve had such good news with the chemotherapy shrinking his other tumors. Why can’t we ever have some positive news with his progress without it being quickly followed by some kind of disappointing setback. Why does he live 3000 miles away.
Why is work so crazy this week when I just want to coast through the day.
Why wont Nick talk to me still after all this time. Why did this rift happen between us. Why doesn’t he know that I would never hurt his feelings on purpose. Why cant he forgive me this one mistake over a year and a half ago. Why does this argument wash out all the good things that ever happened. Why cant I quit worrying about it and be mad at him instead.
Is there some lesson to be learned from it all. i want it all to mean something. what am i supposed to learn from it?
I’m usually the queen of optimism. I always see the glass half full. I really am a happy, go with the flow, its all for a reason and it will always work out for the best kind of person. I love my family. I have an amazing husband. I have a great job. I have awesome friends. I have a nice house. I have lots of interests and hobbies that fulfill me.
I usually don’t allow myself to wallow in all this sadness and worry…well, maybe the worry part. I worry a little. Okay, a lot. I am a worrier to the core. I worry about everything.
I feel everything way too deeply. I’ve always been emotional. I admit that I am a crybaby.
I’m pretty good about not allowing anyone else to see that I’m worried, covering it up, letting it pass, blocking it out, getting over it at least for a few days here and there. Mostly I’m just quiet when Im worried. I hide out inside myself. But this is all getting to be too much; it’s getting out of hand and its BIG stuff. It’s hard to let it not wash over me and gobble me up. That usually happens when I’m trying to fall asleep at night and my mind wont shut it off and there’s nothing to distract me from it.
Most of the time I deal with it though my scrapbooking. It’s the one thing that I can do that makes me feel like I’m releasing the pressure. If I do a page on Paul that says how much I adore him and what a great husband he is, will it make him feel better when he sees it. Maybe.
If I document Nicks favorite teddy bear when he was in kindergarten, will he know that I was a good Mom and know how much I love him. No.
If I scrapbook about some of the funny things Justin use to say when he was growing up and what a good husband and father I think he turned out to be will it make him not have cancer? No.
But it makes me feel better that I’ve documented something for my family. I’ve put down my feelings in my journaling. I’ve told them that I love them. I photographed the pieces of our lives and saved it for another day. Sometimes its all I can do and Im so thankful for this hobby.

Sorry for such a downer post. I promise to return to happy posts soon.
I just had to get this off my chest. :)