Monday, August 29, 2005

Chin lifters and the color wheel rule number three

More exciting news... Im thinking of starting an exercise program.
Since I pretty much suck at sticking to an exercise program I think Im going to start off small.

The first one will be a facial exercise. This is an area I particularly need the most help neck/chin area (or lack thereof of it). As all you family members know, we're blessed by birthright to the lovely Davis droopy chin thingy. You know where you have no chin, when your neck seems to start at your bottom lip and be a straight line right down to your collar bone.
Its lovely... The older you get the saggier it gets...Before I book an appt with my local plastic surgeon I thought I'd try some exercises first.
So the first exercise I found is called The Chin Lifter - it's to tighten the chin muscles.
Tilt your chin up and put your lower lip over your top lip...(okay I feel the stretch). Now place your fingers flat just above your jawbone( not sure why). Smile. Hold for six beats, release, then repeat.
Im thinking this one will look particularly attractive when done in the car at the traffic lights. I'll let you know how that works for me. I think I'll do this while rockin' out to my new Kenny Chesney CD ;)

Rule Three of the color wheel:
Opposites Attract. Every color has a natural complement on the opposite side of the color wheel; that's why red and green look so good together. These are complementary color schemes. We all know that right? Warm colors have cool complements while cool colors have warm complements. Yep that's true.
What I just realized is this is my solution to my color scheme problem in my house.
As I wrote a few days ago Im trying to come up with a color scheme that flows throughout my house and looks continuous from room to room. My problem, or so I thought it was, is that I love warm colors downstairs in the living areas of the house, but I wanted cool colors upstairs in the bedrooms and my scraproom. How was this going to look like oncohesiveve color scheme?
The solution is found right there in rule number three.
All I need to do is have a complementary opposite color as an accent. So if I have a yellow or toupe room downstairs, all I need to do is have a blue or green accent color in the room. Then upstairs in my blue or green room, I just bring the toupe or yellow into that room - shazam! it flows :)
Im off to the Sherman Williams website for further studies...

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