Sunday, August 28, 2005

decorating style

As long as we've lived in this house I have never been happy with the interior paint colors of the whole house all at the same time. I may like one room, but not the room next to it. I repaint about every other year. I love to paint. I love lots of color on the walls and Im not afraid to use bright rich color on them. One time I painted then repainted my kitchen three times in one weekend. I just couldn’t come up with a color combinationI liked that went well with the adjoining rooms.

Right now Im trying to find a paint scheme that works in a cohesive flow throughout the entire house. I don't want one room to clash with the next; I want them to flow from room to room. I want them to be different, yet I want them to blend and feel like they belong together, like a model home.
My problem is I cannot seem to settle on a warm or cool palette. I love blues and greens for the bedrooms but love the warm gold’s and yellows in the living areas. At one time the living room had 2 walls painted a terra cotta and two creamy off white walls. I liked it alot until we bought new furniture it clashed so I painted it a taupe color. I also had problems with it at Christmas. It was hard to find a red that did not clash with the terra cotta.
I need to repaint the guest bedroom but I want to decide on a scheme first that will flow through the upstairs. I know that I want to paint my scraproom a green. Right now the upstairs bath is khaki, white with red and black accents. I really like it but it doesn't go with the blue/green scheme. Does it matter?
The family room is RL burlap, the kitchen is white with a sponged wash of burlap over the top, and the living room is taupe…hey, where did my color go?

It’s a mess. I need to figure out a scheme and repaint each room, one at a time…
My husbands going to kill me………….he should be use to it by now.

On the other hand, I love my dishes, towels and sheets to be plain white. I love that fresh, clean look.

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