Friday, August 26, 2005

Even my dog is stressed out

My dog has been stressed.
He's normaly a very calm dog but in the past year Paul and I have done quite a bit more traveling than we have in the past. We take the dogs to a kennel when we're gone. After we returned from our 10 day vacation in Maui, Mochi started stressing out when we'd leave him home alone. He's lick and chew at the door of the laundry room (his sleeping room) the entire time we were gone. By the time we'd come home, he'd be soaking wet from slobbering, it was horrible. So today I got him some Comfort Zone It's suppose to emit Dog appeasing pheromones to help him feel
happy. Apparently its pheromones from momma dogs put off and it calms dogs. I got the plug in model, but it comes in spray form too. Im soooooo hoping this works. My dog needs some bliss
***update- this thing works! It's amazing. Ever since the day I plugged it in he has been calm. I placed another order from Drs Foster and Smith (an online petstore) as its about half price of the one I bought at Petsmart. I also ordered the spray. Im going to spray his toy when I have to send him to the kennel for boarding.

I wish they made something like this for us humans. All I have is those AirWick room things. If they would make me happy and calm, I'd have them in every room of the house! Great idea

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did it work???