Tuesday, August 09, 2005

It's a miracle...

One pill. Just one.
Three doctors, Four blood tests, Six hours spent at doctor appointments, Four weeks of excrusiating pain. What a relief.

One pill, taken last night after dinner. This morning Paul can move again. All his joint pain and swelling is gone. He had to run up and down the stairs this morning to prove to me that he was healed. I all but expected him to jump for joy and click his heals together in the air.
Its a Miracle of modern medicine...its going to be a good day

Dang, I forgot to get a picture of him...should have captured that happiness.

In other encouraging news I was able to complete the last of my MMM layouts last night.
Im really pleased with all five layouts. One is a required topic. MM requires one layout to be Joy and comfort. I adore this layout. Its one I've thought about doing for over a year but this is the boost I needed to take the pictures. Im so happy to have this one done. Problem was that you have to send in the original layout and I may not get it back, so I made an exact duplicate to keep. Got that one done this weekend too.
Now I just have to get the copies made and I can mail that sucker off.

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