Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Kenny Chesney and a to do list

I have a new CD that I cant stop listening to.
Kenny Chesney as you why have I never bought this CD before? I play this thing over and over. Cant get enough.

Since I have to be home today with the plumber installing a stupid water heater I would like to get some things done around the house. So here's my to do list for today
1. figure out a way to have my MMM layouts uploaded and printed at Costco rather than use all my printer ink. check

2. work out. Today its walk away the pounds. check

3.Bake Paul a cake. I've been promising him that I would. Can I do it without water since thats shut off at the momemt. I think I can use bottled water. - check check

4. Once water heater is installed, go up to Costco and pick up poster sized pictures for my MMM entry. Yeah! check

5.Complete associated paperwork for MMM entry and prepare box to ship it off tomorrow! Yippeeee. I never thought I'd get it done in time. puff puff puff check

6. Get my kitchen floor mopped. I usually do this every Sat morning. This last Sat I blew off all housework and worked on my MMM entry instead. The floor needs some attention! nope, didnt get done..

Thats about it for today. I'll be happy to get this much done. Wish me luck :-)

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