Friday, August 19, 2005

making progress...

Okay I've now learned how to put a photo banner up, but I cant seem to remove my title from my header. I added it to my photo banner so I don't want the other one (the black font) to show.
I tried to remove it in my settings but it wont let me save it without the title in there...grrr.
But Im making progress :)
As I was trying to find a picture I wanted for my banner I took this one of my scraptable this morning. The thought came to my mind that this was a big mess, but its a happy one. So the name My happy mess felt more approprite for my blog title... It does look happy doesn't it?
now if I can get that black title off of there....

1 comment:

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Lookin good so far Susan! Love the banner and the new title :) I have no idea about the title .... sorry :(