Sunday, August 21, 2005

There's is the problem with starting a blog.
Its another responsibility. One Im not sure I need at the moment although the reason I started one is because I wanted to journal more about my everyday life and have a place to get my feelings down.
But all of a sudden I feel like I need to write in it everyday or that I need to come up with all kinds of clever things to say...really deep stuff or really entertaining stuff.
Why is that? Its not like I have tons of readers that stop in here everyday for a peek into my life.
The reality is that life right now is kind of rotten. We've got some really sad stuff going on and its hard sometimes to deal with it. I wanted somewhere where I could go and blurt it all out if I wanted or be happy if I want.
But today I about killed myself working around the house. Paul wanted to help really bad, but he just cant right now. I also had committed to watching Ethan for a few hours so although he's just a sweetheart right now, I think I would have preferred to lay low and do nothing.
but I took a few pics of him...Love this one where he and Elliott are checking each other out. And look at him sitting up like a big boy! He falls over after a few seconds, and he's so chubby that he kind of leans forward and it cuts off the circulation in his legs, they start turning a little blue! yikes


Stace said...

Your blog is great! Don't pressure to blog. The blog is for you to express yourself, if you write when you don't feeling like are not staying true to yourself...just my two cents worth.

Eathan is a doll

karen marie said...

I think this is what blogging is all about...just letting it all out...expressing your feeling for that day. Stay true to your own feelings...and write from your heart. I'm new to it but it sure does seem to help as I'm going through a lot of "sad" stuff now too.

Anna said...

Ethan is such a cutie - and I just love your dogs! If you ever tire of them, send em my way. MY Ethan would love it!

Caroline said...

DOn't let it be pressure. Have fun! And just do it when you feel like it!

Cute pics!

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Oh my gosh Susan,, Ethan is just the cutest!!!! I really hope that things starting looking up for you. All of us DML'ers are here for ya girl :D

chris said...

do not feel you need to blog but do it when you feel like it - I find it very liberating and another creative outlet

so sorry to hear that life is hard at the moment - best wishes for good things to come around the corner

such a cute baby Ethan is!

Liz said...

love your blog and your ds is such a cutie!! loooking forward to reading more about your "everyday" musings!

Barbie said...

Your photos are SO CUTE. I do agree about the blogging pressure trying to say something interesting! Photos are always great b/c a picture is worth 1000 words! :) Wow, is that little guy cute.