Sunday, August 14, 2005

too much to do...

“What do I do when there is so much to do?” It’s a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately in the midst of the countless chores and only two days on the weekend to do them.
Mind you, these two days are suppose to be my days of rest, my days to kick back and relax after a 50+ hour work week. But chores have to be done and I never seem to get them done during the week so...
I read this somewhere and I don't remember where but its always stuck with me.
It’s simply this: Do the next thing. Rather than being overwhelmed by all there is to do, rather than sitting still in self-pity, or frantically trying to do three things at once— simply do the next thing. So, thats what I do, I just keep going like the energizer bunny.
Its 7:45 on Sunday night and I still have a few more loads of clothes to wash, and a tag to make for Donnas Blog Book
Now that I have completed this post, I’m off to do the next thing—
Oh, and while your reading this...This is my picture from today just to enjoy :)

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