Saturday, September 24, 2005

Fall Frenzy!

Im on a cleaning, organizing and decorating kick lately. Im not sure why it hit me, but Im glad it did and Im going to get as much done as possible before it wears off :-)
I'm anxious to decorate for fall this year but before I can decorate, I have to clean. Nothing looks worse than decorations in a dirty or cluttered room. So Im cleaning....
Today I got the kitchen junk cabinet cleaned and organized...I had so many out of date medicines in there that just needed to be tossed out. I put my label maker to work on these rubbermaid containers...Pretty huh?

So things are looking pretty spiffy and today I happily started to decorate for fall. Some of my fall stuff looked kind of yucky so Paul and I went shopping and got this new wreath and door hanger from Target...
and this pretty doormat from Pier 1.

We also got some new fall candles from Target and Pier 1 and a pretty silk flower decoration for the entry hall.

I love love love fall. Its so homey and comfy. It makes me want to cook and snuggle up with a good book.

one more note for today ~ I changed the song on my blog to MercyMe I can only Imagine. This is the song we played at Justins funeral last Sunday. It makes me happy, yet sad.
Not sure how that can be, but its true.


missy s said...

very cute! looks like a i love fall too just don't get any of it here in the south!

Katrine said...

I hate it when people organize and clean. I mean it's very insulting to me! Just kidding, I'm just jealous. I love your fall decorations. And that site of your organized cupboard inspires me!

nicole said...

Love the wreath. So simple yet beautiful all the same.

I love the song. It helps the tears come.

I know how you feel to be happy and sad at the same time.