Thursday, September 29, 2005

One more thought about that...

one more fall post and I promise I'll move on...
Dar on 2peas posted a blog your favorite things about fall...
I've been trying to do these challenges but never seem to have the time to get to them before the next one comes up... So what is it that I love so much about fall? My last several posts have been about this season so what else can I possibly add?
I guess what I haven't yet thought about is what makes it different than the other seasons.
I know that I am a warm weather person. I really love the beach and all things tropical. I love being warm and laying in the sun, Im kind of a lizard like that. I hate to be cold and wet.
So why then is not summer my favorite season?

I think its because everything about fall is cozy, homey and all about family. Its not cold and snowy and frozen yet, not that it gets frozen in Seattle, but it does rain and it goes get cold. I hate being cold! Fall in the northwest is beautiful. The days are still warm, the air is crisp and clean, and the nights are cool so you sleep soooooo goood! It lasts though Sept and October and sometimes into early November.
Its a time to clean up the yard because the summer flowers are all turning brown and dying and for planning where to put the bulbs in the ground for next spring.

I no longer have to worry if the cellulete is showing on the backs of my thighs when I wear shorts. Its a time to start building up the fat layer to get you through the winter :-)

Its about snuggling up with a good book thats been sitting on my nightstand all summer long because I've been too busy outside to actually sit and read anything.
Its about watching football on the weekend even though I haven't been a football fan for years. Every year I swear Im going to start watching it again.

I love to bake and make soup but during warm weather, its the furthest thing on my mind. Who wants to heat up the house! Summer is all about burgers on the grill and salads...nothing cozy here! (good too, but not in the same way)

Autumn colors are my favoite too. Summers all blues and greens...beach colors. Autumns are warm and cuddly.
So, I guess its the food, its about being with family, its about the cool nights and warm days, it the happiness of being at home and safe and taken care of.

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nicole said...

OMG that soup looks DELICIOUS!!! Do post the recipe!!