Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Auntie Reana

Another week has gone by and I haven't updated my special reason. I guess I just feel like I don't have any profound thoughts to throw out to the universe. Been busy, soooo sooo busy. At least Im getting some layouts done. Im loving the two I got done last week.

I went to visit my parents last weekend and my great aunt was visiting. What an absolute sweetheart she is. The woman is a jewel.
Shes just so happy she makes you happy to be around her.
You guessed that she's probably wearing a wig huh?
She always has. I have no idea why but Im thinking she needs to get one that has a little grey in it...:-)
It doesn't matter though, it makes her happy and I just love her.
She's loosing her short term memory, but she says she's happy anyway. She may not remember everything that happened the day before, but she knows she had a nice time and thats all that matters. So cool.
It was so sweet to see is how my Mom loved seeing her. They've been friends forever and I think my Mom sort of thinks of her as a Mother figure. They held hands and joked back and forth all afternoon. Aren't they the sweetest?
My Uncle Herb passed away last year. Reana moved to an assisted living place. She's got her bags packed though and anyone who wants to take her on a trip, she's ready to go. God love her!


Jaime said...

I too haven't felt like I've had much to say on my blog LOL!! What a lovely photo....she sounds like an amazing woman!!!! -Jaime

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

She sounds lovely Susan :) My grandmother has been losing her short term memory for the past year or so, it's sad but at the same time it's interesting because she tells us all kinds of stores from her childhood now.

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

That should be stories, not stores ... sorry.

sophiacorbridge said...

Susan, I've been looking for you. I did a search tonight at the Pub. (Should have thought to do that weeks ago.) Somehow, your blog addy disappeared and I've been wondering about you, about Justin, about how things were. Just read your updates. I'm so glad that the funeral went well, the reunions took place and that you were there for him at his passing. I've thought of you many times over this past several weeks. Big hugs. I'm late, but every bit as concerned. You've been in my prayers.