Tuesday, October 25, 2005


On Saturday evening my nephew Conor came to hang out for the evening with Paul and I. His parents were going to some kind of dinner with Scotts new company.

I think its so cool that he thinks we're fun enough to spend the evening with. Usually 13 year olds would want to stay at home or go visit with friends. Hes such a great kid.
We watched the new Batman movie and ordered some Pizza. Paul bought some Mike & Ikes for them to share. Cant watch a movie with out them :-)
He and Paul have been buddies forever. They have a special relationship that has always been close. I think Conor would rather hang out with Paul than just about anyone.
I hope that never changes.

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Sophia said...

Every child needs a special aunt or uncle relationship! My nieces and I tease constantly by saying "Hello, my favorite Niece Lindsay" or "Hello, my favorite Aunt Sophia" all the time. For that moment, I'm certain that we are each other's favorite! Sweet post. Thanks for sharing!