Monday, October 31, 2005

Its all about albums this year...

I had a blast this weekend at the CK Bellevue scrapbook convention.
Im quite bummed I missed meeting Cathy Z. I was really hoping she was going to teach one of the classes I signed up for, but no... :-(
I did make some really cool little albums this year. It seems like almost every class I took this year was an album class of some sort - tag album, an all about me album, simple accordian album, matchbook I just need to pop in the pictures and I made 4 albums last weekend. whoohooo. Of course picking out the pictures that fit in those tiny little albums will be the problem. I'll post them tonight when I get home (without the pics of course)
So Sunday I spent just catching up on sleep. Thankfully it was daylight savings time so I gained an hour...didn't feel like it to me though.
Today is halloween and Im hoping we get some trick or treaters tonight. I took some pics at work today of some of the goofballs I work with. The funniest one was a guy who dressed up as the Office Max guy and had a boom box playing the rubber band man song while he danced through all the departments passing out funny!
Hope everyone has a spooky halloween!


Maria said...

Oh I just had to comment on your banner, it made me smile!

Sophia said...

I'm laughing at myself here because I read "I took some pictures of the GOLF balls at work. I'm thinking "I've never thought to take a picture of golfballs but, okay?????" Glad that you've been doing some fun scrapping and playing!! A hint: I created a 6x6 wedding album from Liza's pix just to lie around for my own enjoyment and used my printer and photo editing to shrink them down to all sizes for the album. Worked great! HTH!