Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Not much going on recently.
Im working on a christmas project, but am not going to share it here just in case...don't want to risk ruining the surprise. Not that anyone from my family (or anywhere else for that matter) reads this blog. Just don't want to jinx it.
Came across this cool stuff at Bath and body works
Molton Brown Warming Eucalyptus Bath & Shower Therapy- the discription says its bursting with pure Australian eucalyptus, this uniquely protective steam tonic eases aches, fatigue, and dry and tired skin. Add this to your bath or shower and let the therapy begin. Warms muscles Lifts the spirits, revives the senses Eases cold and flu symptoms
Sounds refreshing but who is Molton Brown anyway? I get the worst dry skin during the winter months so this would probably be good for that, but what is tired skin? Im sure mine must be tired, the rest of my body is so it makes sense that my skin is too... Let the healing and lifting of spirits begin!!!
They have an offer running now that if you spend $10. you get their new lip gloss free. I read on another blog (was it Heathers?) that it was good stuff so Im going to have to try it out. Im such a sucker for lip gloss anyway.
Have to take the dog to the vet tomorrow to have his few remaining teeth pulled. He's been on antibiotics so I think he's starting to feel better. Now to get those dang rotten teeth out of his mouth. Its all because of that cute little tongue hanging out of his mouth. Makes for bad teeth :-( I swear I've spent a small fortune on that dog...ah well. what can I do...Notha I love that face :-)

I had to start using the word verification function because Im getting tired of the spam comments on my blog. I hate that I have to do that. It stinks, but so be it...

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