Wednesday, October 05, 2005

seems like I've been gone from my blog for weeks, but its just been since last thursday.
so much is going on, yet none of it is worth blogging about.
We'll except one, no two things.
I've always heard that when someone dies, the ugliness comes out in people who knew that person. Someone's always got to be ticked off about something that they feel they were horribly wronged over. I couldn't imagine that anyone would be ticked off when Justin passed away. Why would they? Oh contraire!!! Wouldn't you know it some one is pissed that they weren't named in the obituary. Seems they feel it was done on purpose to exclude them. Doesn't matter that only Justins wife, child Mom, Dad and siblings were named. This person feels that Uncles and grandparents should have been named and this was a direct slam on behalf of the family to exclude them personaly. What the heck is up with people anyway? BTW, this so called greiving relative couldn't be bothered to call Justin when he was so sick, attend the funeral, call to send condolences, or buy a freakin' hallmark card... It amazes me!
It amazes me so much that I've all but forgotten the second thing worth blogging about. Oh well

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