Tuesday, November 29, 2005

another week has gone by between posts again! Why cant I keep up?

The past four day weekend was just too busy. I was even able to get a few pages scrapped though so Im a happy girl.

After one layout that took me almost all day, the last two came together in minutes each.
Love this one of Kaylee I took when we were in No Carolina in September, and one of Ethan the same day. Every now and then Ive got to do a really simple one just to feel like Im getting something done.
This one of Ethan I even had the courage to use my own handwritting on. I love the look, just not the look of my writting. So, I'll probably not attempt that again!

Oh, other news, it snowed here today! I heard it was a blizzard...except it only lasted about 10 minutes then it melted. By the time I got home from work there were just a few little patches here and there...I missed it all :-( so sad because I love being all cozy at home when its snowing. I totally dislike driving to work in it at 6:00am though so I hope it stays GONE! This is Seattle after all. It rains here don't ya know!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

giving thanks

Sometimes it's so easy to get caught up in the daily grind that I forget to step back and appreciate all of my blessings. Since this is thanksgiving week Im spending some time thinking about what I am thankful for over the past year.

Im thankful for my children. When I was elbow-high in dirty dishes and laundry, it was hard to be thankful for the rowdy little creatures that created such a mess - until they grew up and left home and I was only doing dishes for two.

Im also thankful that now Im only doing laundry and dishes for two. As much as I love my children, I also love that they have their own lives and I have mine.

I was blessed to have a mother and father who loved us, took good care of us, took us to church on Sundays, and taught us love, respect, and compassion. Even though we didn’t have a lot of money, we never knew it. When we disagreed, we always knew we were loved and that we would always have each other. I'm thankful for that.

I'm thankful for my family, warts and all. They're not perfect, they're not always completely normal, but they’re all good hearted people that all love our family. What more could you ask for?

I'm thankful for my husband. I'm thankful for his strengths, and also his weaknesses. I'm thankful that he's honest, loyal, responsible, disciplined, and that he's such a great father to our children.

I’m thankful for my home. I love being home more than anything else.
I'm thankful that out of the saddness this past year something good came of it. My husband was able to reconnect with his brothers and Mother after more than 5 years of being out of touch. Im thankful for the mended relationships.

Im thankful for grandchildren. What a blessing they’ve brought to our lives. This love is so different than raising our own children. Maybe its that Im older and appreciate how fast they grow up.

Having the wonderful hobby of scrapbooking in each and every day so I can document all the people and moments of my life that I am thankful for….

And I'm also thankful for all the little things in life, my two dogs, even though they cost me a fortune, having a few magazines request to publish my layouts this year, a brand new car, amazing friendships, both online and localy, re-chargeable batteries, my new washing machine that holds a huge amount of towels or jeans in each load, cookies, the colors all around me. I love color, my thanksgiving cactus that blooms when everything else is done for the season. Life would be bleak indeed without each and every one of these things.

I need to remember to take time to think about the things Im thankful for through out the year instead of once a year. To push me to think about this more often... Thursdays are going to become Thankful Thursdays from here on out...

Thursday, November 17, 2005

does anyone want to smell like tiramisu?

Today I hit the local Bath and Body works shop. The smells in this store are woooooonnnnnderfullllll. Just heavenly.
One thing that just puzzles me about some of the scents they come up with is why oh why do they make stuff that smells like food? I don't mean like cucumber and mandirin oranges. I love the Heavenly Gingerlily and lime coconut.
But why would anyone want a moisturizing souffle that smells like Apple Torta? Why would you want to smell like Tiramisu? Its not shower gel anymore, its shower syrup...with scents like Buttercream frosting, caramel cappuccino, Hot Chocolate or Ammaretto.
Yes, it smells yummy, for a candle! buy why for a body lotion? How could you apply your perfume over that?
No problem...they've got perfume too...warm vanilla sugar, candy apple, creme Brulee...how about smelling like a lemon Meringe pie?
I can't imagine sitting in a meeting with an aroma of Apple Torta wifting around me.

Starbucks…I could go on and on about their holiday flavors. I love them all and look forward to them every year- can you say eggnog latte? But I recently saw that the Starbucks website has a cute link called The Red Cup. http://www.starbucks.com/retail/holiday.asp or http://www.theredcup.com/ Click on the little Icons down at the botton for some cute ideas. Every Friday you can go to the site, click on the tv icon and the story of the red cup continues. There are some cute ideas inside this site if you've got a little time on your hands.

Holiday catalogs are mailing…whoohooo! Potterybarn, Crate and Barrel, Peir 1 to name some of my favorites. Its like when you were a kid, waiting for the Sears Wishbook to come so you could sit for hours picking out what you want Santa to bring…All three have the most amazing colors that inspire me into the holiday mood. Rich warm tones with lots of shimmer and sparkle.So time to grab yourself an eggnog latte, grab a catalog or two and get into that festive mood.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Its raining, its pouring...

and everytime my dog goes outside, he comes in soaking wet!
So today I bought him a little yellow raincoat. Im thinking that it will at least keep him a little drier.
The look of humiliation on his face at dawning this bright yellow slicker cracked me up! It doesn't show in this picture, but it has a little hood too :-)
It looks really funny if I leave his ears tucked inside the hood and draw the hood around his face...hahaha

Today we're on day 3 of making sour dough french bread.
Actually I started the sour dough starter last weekend. It took all weekend. Then into the frig. for a week. This past weekend it was to use the sour dough starter to begin making the dough. Make the dough using some of the starter, let it sit in the frig for 16 hours...let sit at room temp for 8 hours, divide dough, let proof at room temp for 2 hours, bake while spraying with a water bottle....oh my gawwwwwddddddddddd. Its a loaf of bread and it costs $3.00 to buy it already baked which is what I'll be doing in the future! I still love to bake regular bread at home though. Im not giving that up:-)
My thanksgiving cactus started blooming this weekend...its a little early but its nice to see something bright since its been raining for the past week it seems. Every year when it starts to bloom Im reminded that there's still something beautiful blooming, even in fall when all the summer flowers are dying.
I love these plants and I have two of them. One is a thanksgiving bloomer, and the other one blooms at christmas. I think they have some that bloom during Easter too, but I love the fall and winter ones.
Pretty huh? :-)

Friday, November 04, 2005

time to get organized...

I swear Im going to do it every year and this year is THE year.
  • This year I'm going to get my holiday shopping done early (for me that means by Dec 10th).
  • This year Im not going to wait till the last minute and give gift cards just because its easier and everything has sold out.
  • This year I will not convince myself that a gift card is really what they want, and by giving a gift card we won't be spending money on stuff they'll never use.
  • This year I will create a spending plan and not stretch it so far out of shape.
  • This year I will give more homemade personal type gifts.

How will I do this you ask? Its really so easy once you realize....

Make a list! making my list of gifts is the all important step. By doing so I am able to get my shopping done early because I know what I need to buy.

I stay with my budget because its preplanned. I find that when I give gift cards I spend more money. Two reasons, first because I can't shop for bargins and second because obviously the person I'm giving it to will know exactly how much I spent on them. I don't want them to think Im cheap, so I get gift cards with lots of $$$.

By starting early and making that list, I know what I need to get to work making. I've already started on the album for Mom and Dad. I need to finish that this weekend. Finished means everything except for the pictures which I need to take some better ones and I think I can get them on Thanksgiving.

I will need to resist those all important impulse gifts that I run across that are just too perfect to pass up. I must keep in mind that I am not the all important person for making sure that every person has the most wonderful christmas of their lives. I just love to give gifts so this is one of the MOST important steps for me.

I plan to bake this year. My poor husband has suffered with no holiday treats for about 5 years now. Those 5 years I have strictly held to my diet. Being the loving supportive husband that he is, he goes along with it for me. Not this year. I will bake, and I will keep my eating of the said baked goodies to a mininum. We'll see :-) Thats the plan anyway.