Tuesday, November 29, 2005

another week has gone by between posts again! Why cant I keep up?

The past four day weekend was just too busy. I was even able to get a few pages scrapped though so Im a happy girl.

After one layout that took me almost all day, the last two came together in minutes each.
Love this one of Kaylee I took when we were in No Carolina in September, and one of Ethan the same day. Every now and then Ive got to do a really simple one just to feel like Im getting something done.
This one of Ethan I even had the courage to use my own handwritting on. I love the look, just not the look of my writting. So, I'll probably not attempt that again!

Oh, other news, it snowed here today! I heard it was a blizzard...except it only lasted about 10 minutes then it melted. By the time I got home from work there were just a few little patches here and there...I missed it all :-( so sad because I love being all cozy at home when its snowing. I totally dislike driving to work in it at 6:00am though so I hope it stays GONE! This is Seattle after all. It rains here don't ya know!

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