Thursday, November 17, 2005

does anyone want to smell like tiramisu?

Today I hit the local Bath and Body works shop. The smells in this store are woooooonnnnnderfullllll. Just heavenly.
One thing that just puzzles me about some of the scents they come up with is why oh why do they make stuff that smells like food? I don't mean like cucumber and mandirin oranges. I love the Heavenly Gingerlily and lime coconut.
But why would anyone want a moisturizing souffle that smells like Apple Torta? Why would you want to smell like Tiramisu? Its not shower gel anymore, its shower syrup...with scents like Buttercream frosting, caramel cappuccino, Hot Chocolate or Ammaretto.
Yes, it smells yummy, for a candle! buy why for a body lotion? How could you apply your perfume over that?
No problem...they've got perfume too...warm vanilla sugar, candy apple, creme about smelling like a lemon Meringe pie?
I can't imagine sitting in a meeting with an aroma of Apple Torta wifting around me.

Starbucks…I could go on and on about their holiday flavors. I love them all and look forward to them every year- can you say eggnog latte? But I recently saw that the Starbucks website has a cute link called The Red Cup. or Click on the little Icons down at the botton for some cute ideas. Every Friday you can go to the site, click on the tv icon and the story of the red cup continues. There are some cute ideas inside this site if you've got a little time on your hands.

Holiday catalogs are mailing…whoohooo! Potterybarn, Crate and Barrel, Peir 1 to name some of my favorites. Its like when you were a kid, waiting for the Sears Wishbook to come so you could sit for hours picking out what you want Santa to bring…All three have the most amazing colors that inspire me into the holiday mood. Rich warm tones with lots of shimmer and sparkle.So time to grab yourself an eggnog latte, grab a catalog or two and get into that festive mood.


Nicole said...

I agree.. I don't want to smell like food. I am not even sure I want my home to smell like food unless there is actual food cooking.

amberdusk said...

Hi:) If you love starbucks you HAVE to try thier Cranberry Bliss bars. Ahhhh... just blissful. Happy Holidays:)