Sunday, November 13, 2005

Its raining, its pouring...

and everytime my dog goes outside, he comes in soaking wet!
So today I bought him a little yellow raincoat. Im thinking that it will at least keep him a little drier.
The look of humiliation on his face at dawning this bright yellow slicker cracked me up! It doesn't show in this picture, but it has a little hood too :-)
It looks really funny if I leave his ears tucked inside the hood and draw the hood around his face...hahaha

Today we're on day 3 of making sour dough french bread.
Actually I started the sour dough starter last weekend. It took all weekend. Then into the frig. for a week. This past weekend it was to use the sour dough starter to begin making the dough. Make the dough using some of the starter, let it sit in the frig for 16 hours...let sit at room temp for 8 hours, divide dough, let proof at room temp for 2 hours, bake while spraying with a water bottle....oh my gawwwwwddddddddddd. Its a loaf of bread and it costs $3.00 to buy it already baked which is what I'll be doing in the future! I still love to bake regular bread at home though. Im not giving that up:-)


Karen said...

OK, that photo is HYSTERICAL! He looks like you've stolen his mojo or something.

Whoa. If I knew it was that labor-intensive to make sourdough I would totally pay more than $3 for it. In fact, maybe next time I'll just offer. $3?! NO way - I'm paying $5!

Maria said...

Wow, what an adorable picture! I totally love that raincoat...I must get one for our doggies...clever idea!!