Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas eve is already here?

This month has blown by me, the entire month is a blurr.
Next year, Im going to slow down enough to enjoy it. Im making that my new years resolution already!!!
Today is the first day Ive been able to sit and just soak in the spirit of Christmas. I can finally look around my home, see the result of all my running around and say ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I took this picture of my kitchen and decided my Christmas decorating is staying up in this room. Im soooooo loving the touches of red that I added for the season that I'm keeping them.
I wish you all a blessed Christmas. I wish you peace. I wish you health and happiness.


Maria said...

I love your beautiful Kitchen! Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas today!!!
And yes, I did get a beautiful stocking filled with goodies this morning! Hope you got "spoiled" by Santa too!

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Your kitchen looks great :) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!! :)

Karen said...

What a warm and inviting kitchen! I concur . . . leave those red touches year round! Hope your Christmas was very merry!

Mo said...

Your kitchen is really beautiful Susan!! LOVE all the little decorating touches. I'm so not good at that. Mo

JENNY B said...

Susan---love love your latte letters. In my new house, I will have to copy you =)

beverly said...

Loving that island...where'd cha get it???? Your kitchen looks great!