Friday, December 02, 2005

its snowing!

its so rare to have snow in the pacific northwest, especially
this early in the year. Last night we received several inches and we're expecting several more tonight. By Sunday I think its suppose to warm up so this cold spell will hopefully be over for the next several months. A little snow goes a long way with me. Pretty if you can stay at home...not so much if you have to get out and drive in it at 6:00am.
I took a few pics before I left for work this morning. Not the best pictures because it was still very dark outside. By the time I got home from work I could see that several branches had snapped under the weight of the snow :-( On this first picture you can see the branches bent over. Paul will have some cleanup to do with the chainsaw once the snow all melts.
Last weekend I'd strung some christmas lights around the deck and they look so pretty under the snow. It just glows. I think there's nothing more beautiful and more peaceful than looking at Christmas lights in the snow. The snow seems to muffle all sound and it seems so much quieter. Its beautiful and I plan to enjoy it all weekend, then wish it gone :-)

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