Friday, December 30, 2005


Winding down 2005 and I wanted to close out just like they do on Entertainment tonight, by saying goodbye to those we lost this past year.
I’ve devoted many blog entries this past year to Justin. As a matter of fact, Justin was the sole reason I started blogging, I used it as a way to get my feelings down. I’ll talk more about Justin in my entry tomorrow.
But todays entry is dedicated to another loss we had in 2005, my buddy Murphy.
Murphy was my parents yellow lab. He was born on the 4th of July 13 years ago. Murphy had horrible arthritis in his legs and hips cause from countless hours charging down the stairs on my parents back deck as we tossed the tennis ball into the yard for him. His last years were so painful but Dad could not bear to put him down. As a last resort the vet tried to do surgery to help with the pain but it didn’t work. He couldn’t walk at all for his last few days. They finally allowed the vet to put him to sleep.
For Christmas this year I made a scrapbook of family pictures for my parents. The final page of the album was dedicated to Murphy.
So this ones for you Murphy...I hope your chasing that tennis ball up there somewhere!


Suzelle said...

Oh Susan....look at that sweet face on Murphy :))))) Man, you are so good at putting your thoughts to words. I always love reading your work !!!

Karen said...

Susan, that is such a sweet gift for your parents and I'm sure they appreciated your dedication to Murphy. He looks like a good friend.

Sherry said...

Susan, this is such a touching entry! It really hits home for me because of Whiner's condition!

Maria said...

What a very touching entry! Murphy looked so loving and cute. I'm sorry for your loss. I know how sad it can be to lose a pet, they are a part of the family.

Mo said...

Hey Susan!!! My Dad's name is Murphy. :) You are so good at sharing your feelings! (((HUGS))) to you on the loss of Murph! Mo