Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thankful Thursday 3

My first thankful thursday 3 post! yippee.
I thought about this some last night and this afternoon.
Its a tough day to be thinking about what to be thankful for. At work today we had some layoffs. They say they're trying to realign the staff to the business for next years budget. I know why these things happen right before Xmas, but it still sucks.
Some very nice people that I've worked with for many many years lost their jobs today, without warning. People that have worked here for over 15 years. Sr. VP's even...however, Im thankful it was not me. So...

#1 front and center on my thankful list is that it was not me.
That feels kind of crappy to be thinking that way, but thats human nature I guess. Im so very sorry it happened to you, really I am...thank god it wasn't me.

#2 its sort of snowing. Im hoping it holds off a little longer until I drive home, then I hope it just dumps like crazy so I don't have to come in tomorrow. Im thankful that it isn't snowing harder yet.

#3 I returned the dress I bought to go to the christmas party this year, because I decided I want to wear slacks and a blitzed out top instead. Im thankful for this becauuuuse...because I'm happy about making that decision to wear slacks that I already own and I just need to buy a pretty top that I can probably wear again...not another black evening dress that I'll never wear again.

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Maria said...

VERY good things to be thankful for. Glad to hear your goodnews about work. I know it's hard to see ohers go. But it's absolutely normal to feel blessed and thankful that it wasn't you!
Now, let me have a turn, I'm thankful I found your blog, that you've been posting regularly and that I discovered this wonderful world of "blogging" because thanks to it I've "met" wonderful people like you!