Sunday, January 15, 2006

additcted to Nordstrom

but not in the way you would imagine. Paul and I will drive the 10 miles to the Nordstrom Rack any day, any time for one thing. It has nothing to do with clothes...its love in a cup.
Nordstrom Yougurt Parfet...THESE things are my all time favorite treat.
I asked my BIL who works for nordys, what kind of yougurt they use and he said that they make it themselves! huh?
Ive tried to recreate these treats with many different kinds of yougurt and cannot find the same amount of tart and sweet combo. The granola is the BEST!
So, I guess I'll need to keep driving, through rain, sleet or sun to the Rack for a yougurt parfet. Maybe I'll do a little shopping long as Im already here :-)

I got a little book at a funky little shop this afternoon. Its full of really fun quotes. The book is simply titled - refresh. They had a bunch of different ones like Joy, Love, Peace and so quote for today- Learn to pause...or nothing worthwhile will catch up to you ~ Doug King


Suzelle said...

Susan...that looks SOOOOOO DANG GOOD !!!!!!! I love stuff like that !!!! I wish we had a REAL Nordstrom here...only The Rack :(

Mo said...

Oh MY GOSH! Now you are making me want to go to Nordies and get one of those. They look absolutely DELISH!!!!!! And thanks for that quote! I LOVE it! Hope to use it too! :) Mo

karen said...

Whoa. I'm really hungry now! That looks too delicious to eat! Great quote - I love it!

Maria said...

I'm just going to go and try one now! It looks so yummy!

Angela Green said...

That is one FINE looking treat!!!

Crys said...

There's a food court at Nordstrom? LOL! I usually zip past everything into the shoe department! I'll stop by next time...thanks for the tip!!!