Saturday, January 28, 2006


They're Everywhere!!!!
I went hunting for a hairstyle magaine this morning in preparation for my appointment to have my haircut today, and I couldn't believe how many magazines I have stashed around this house. I was horrified....I started clearing them out of a big basket I have in the family room, then headed to the two magazine baskets in the living room. After that I was on a mission to find them wherever they hid...up to my scraproom...orgainized in boxes in the guest bedroom closet, in a basket in the bathroom.
I have subscriptions to 3 scrapbooking magazines, 1 of them just expired and Im NOT renewing it.
I have subscriptions to Better Homes and Gardens an Sunset Magazines.
Paul has a subscription to golf digest.
Why do we hold onto these things?
Because their expensive, thats why!
(except scrapbooking magazines, because I do read those over and over again when Im looking for some mojo)
Reminds me of my Mom the other day. She retired several years ago after many years of working in the business world. She had lots of really nice clothes which she packed up and put in the basement when she retired.
So she says to me and my two sister in time you girls come over we need to head to the basement and you guys can go through those boxes and see if there's anything you want. I have lots of size 8's & 10's. Both of my sil's and I busted out laughing. We say, Mom...shoulder pads are not really in style anymore! LOL. So I ask you again, why do we hang onto stuff???
Well, no more. These things are headed to the garbage today...bye, bye!!!


Mo said...

Good for you Susan! I've been on a purging binge with my older mags and idea books too. I've been ripping out what I still like from some of them. Which sometimes is one idea from a whole mag!!!! I need to do this once every couple of months. :) Good Luck! Mo

Maria said...

I know, it can be hard to part with them, I used to keep them all until I finally realized that I can just rip the pages I want and get rid of the mag. I still save the most recent ones, but then, after six to nine months they start making their way to goodwill.