Thursday, January 05, 2006

making a list or two...

So my last post was on my New Year suggestions…why? Because its that time of year, 'tis the season for resolution and goal making, for wiping the slate clean and starting all over with a fresh agenda, examining what I want to change about my live and how I want to improve, to reshuffle, reorganize…all that stuff.
I'm normally not much of a list maker but I’m really going to try and change that this year because when you make a list, it’s a plan. When you have a plan, your closer to making it reality…
I want to have a plan for simplifying and organizing because Im seriously going to acheive this goal this year. Im setting a timeline, steps and mile markers to make sure I’m on track to achieve this by the end of 2006.
What I hope to do is decide which rooms to tackle first, prioritize them. This is already Thursday and I want to start clearing stuff out this weekend. I have the start of my list here but its just the beginning.
  1. First things first. I have taken the Christmas tree down but the ornaments are still lying all over the dinning room table. They need to get wrapped up and tucked into their box this weekend.
  2. All of the other Christmas decorations have been taken down and piled on the dinning room table too. They also need to get put away.
  3. Next will be to clean out and organize the closet in the guest bedroom. Now that doesn’t sound like a huge task, but it is. Since it’s a spare closet EVERYTHING gets shoved in there. Its jam packed and its going to be a huge job.
  4. After that I can paint that room, put in some new bedding and it will be done.

    That’s the beginning of the organizing/simplifying part of the New Years list. Whoopee, I bet you enjoyed that huh?

    I haven’t done Thankful Thursday in awhile (because I’m not good at lists remember?) but it’s a new year so here goes…

    I’m thankful for-
  • Having a wonderful 5-day weekend holiday for New Years.
  • Having a husband that says he’d rather stay home than go anywhere. That way he can relax and I can scrap : -) What a man! Love that guy
  • Brooks and Dunn’s song “Believe” I really lovin’ this song right now. Play the CD constantly.
  • I really focused on taking some quality pictures on Christmas Day. I just picked them up from Costco and I can tell you that I’m oh so pleased with many of them.
Finally thanks to all of you who stop by my blog now and then and say hi.
I really appreciate all your kind comments and todays list could not have been exciting for you...thanks :- )


Angela Green said...

Susan, I actually enjoyed your lists! LOL I am a list maker myself, but just don't always get the things on the list done. :)

Looking forward to seeing those awesome Christmas pics on sb pages!

Maria said...

I love your lists! It's always fun coming over and see what you have been up to.

maria said...

Hi Susan, you've been tagged! See the questions in my blog...