Monday, January 02, 2006

new years resolutions

its that time again...I usually think of 2-3 resolutions every new year.
Really they're more like suggestions to myself...something to think about for a week or two. Thats about how long it takes me to forget them!

This year I have 4 "suggestions" to myself
1) healthy eating- that does not mean diet, it means cut out processed flours and sugars. It means eat healthy- whole grains, fresh fruits and veges- something I can live with.
2) organize- I seriously need to get some things organized around here.
3)Simplify - goes with organization...I need less stuff. A lot less stuff!!!
4)Debt - last year for the first time in years and years we allowed ourselves to take on a little bit of debt. Not much, just a little bit...but I hate it!!! It drives me nuts. So it needs to go away very soon!!!

Thats it. Those are my suggestions to myself. I think all 4 of them will make me a much happier person. Im going to hang this layout in my scraproom to remind me what they are...


Anonymous said...

I love your "suggestions"! These are so great, especially the living "simple". I have to keep reminding myself of that one all the time.

Hugs, reen

Maria said...

I loved your resolutions...and your layout is awesome too!!

beverly said...

Sounds wonderful. Some of the same ideas I had. I guess writing them down and esp. doing a LO would make me do them better.
Cool LO>

Karen said...

Love the layout, love the suggestions, love that you're hanging it as inspiration!

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Sounds great Susan! Hope you stick to it :) Your layout looks great!