Wednesday, January 18, 2006

rain rain and more rain...and congrats to the best online store!

the rain... even though this is Seattle and we're suppose to be use to it, this rain has been a little tough, even for us with web feet up here in the beautiful Northwest.
But as good Seattlites do, we just keep on doing everything you do when its not raining.
Because of all the moisture up here things tend to get this slimmey moss or algee on the walkways and deck. Paul got this pressure washer for Christmas and he's been just dying to try it out but was waiting for the rain to stop. The other day I told him that he's gonna get wet anyway so he might as well just go wash the deck anyway.
That was all the nudge he needed. After a while he had me hand him an umbrella... but not because he didn't want to get wet, it was because his glasses were getting too wet from the rain to see what he was doing! LOL
I think he was pretty happy with how well the washer cleaned off the deck but he'll need to give it another good cleaning in the spring then reseal it. The pressure washer actually took the wood sealer off :-)
and then......Im so excited with the news that my all time most favorite scrapbooking website won the ScrapJazz award for the best online store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I could not be more thrilled for Jill who works so hard to make Down Memory Lane the best online scrap store. Her site is the BEST, her message boards are the BEST, her team is the BEST! Im so happy she's gettting the recognition for it finally. Check it out here...


Angela Green said...

ouch, I'm not sure I could handle all that rain. :( How sweet of you to "cheers" Jilly on your blog!

maria said...

Hi there,

Yeap, rain is not cool. It has actually been a bit rainy here in Cali too.