Monday, January 23, 2006

Seahawks are heading to Motown!

As long as I can remember I've been a football fan.
First while growing up in California it was the 49ers. I use to go to the games with my Dad.
But for the past 20+ years now, its been the Seahawks. So many of those years were pretty bad years for the Seahawks.
I remember when fans wore a brown paper bag on their head because they were ashamed to be seen in the stadium and called themselves Sea-aints. I remember some years where we came so close, but couldn't make it through the playoffs. A few years ago Paul Allen bought the team and built a shinny new stadium for the hawks, they brought in a top notch head coach and started building the team. But we'd heard it all before so again we waited. I have to admitt every game I kept waiting for the hawks to meltdown as they've done before. Its not that we don't have the talent, its just that they go on a winning steak then they meltdown.
And through it all Seattle fans have had lots and lots of hope.
Seattle Fans have got to be the all time best fans ever for both the Mariners and the Seahawks. We stick by our teams though thick and thin. We always believe that maybe this was going to be our year. We always end the season disapointed again and we hear the excuses ... the team is in a rebuilding stage, next year we're going to be tough to beat. On and on it goes ... looking forward to spring training for th Mariners, looking forward to the preseason for the Hawks. The hope that someday we'd go all the way.
And yesterday Seattle fans were rewarded. This time we're going to the big dance, no excuses now. We earned this trip.

I just wish I had been watching yesterdays game with my Dad. That man knows every player stat, every bit of team trivia, he can probably recite any seasons team rooster.
Man, I can't wait to watch the superbowl with him in two weeks. A dream come true for all of us.

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Maria said...

I love your football enthusiasm! I wish I could say I like the sport, but I've never quite understood it very much. I do however, love to see live games. They can be very exciting and I love to see my husband happy when he sees his games. He is a big football fan! My dad was too, although he used to be more into soccer than football.