Monday, February 27, 2006

One year in a blink of an eye

I can't believe we went from this

to this

In just one short year.

The little guy turned 1 yesterday.
Birthday party held at the Rainforest Cafe at Southcenter Mall.
Not the best choice for a 1 year olds birthday party.
Crappy lighting, scary sounds, lots of stuff going on all around, not a great place to hold a conversation with anyone...
Every so often the lights dim and thunder sounds start, lightening starts to flash... like in a rainforest. Scary for a one year old. Ethan would start to cry every time that thing would go off.
Once the food came I busied him my foccocia bread...yummy! he had a death grip on the bread and it made everything better ;-0
If it were me I would have picked a place better for photography, but thats just me.
Go for a place with great lighting :- )

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Blogging ideas!

If you are a blogger, and more and more of us are these days, you may have run across a post that mentions a daily or weekly challenge. Im always trying to think of something new to blog about because I lead such an oh so exciting life … anyway, I’ve been peeking around for some interesting blogging ideas.
There have been several photo a day challenges but I know that I would have a hard time keeping up with those. Thats out
Theres a self portrait Tuesday challenge- deffinately not for me.
For awhile I did Thankful Thursdays and I still like that idea and try to be thankful at least one day a week for something.
But I recently heard of a new one that I really like… Its called Corners of my Home. I love this idea!!!
Some of my corners are a little dusty tho …hmmm, maybe not such a good idea but Im going to do it anyway. Im sure I can find a few clean corners.
Here’s some backround on that challenge.
go down to the Jan 6th entry on corners of my home.

And see some of the groups entires here
Cool huh?
I love looking at all this inspriation.

Another interesting one I’ve seen a lot of is Studio Friday.
Anyone who reads Ali’s blog has seen her posts mentioning it.
Each week Tine Sparkles posts a challenge for the week.

There’s a new theme every week. Tine asks you to post your entry on your blog, then post on her blog and link back to your blog entry. She consolidates them for all to enjoy.
For awhile now I’ve been following along, just not posting to my blog or linking it back to Tines blog. Just kind of pretending I guess.
Im ALMOST ready to committ to it this week.
I’ll start slow and just post it to my blog, not link to Tines.
It’s a little scary ya know?
These guys are really artsy fartsy and Im, well, Im not so much that.
The really cool thing about it is just to have it in the back of your mind, to be on the hunt for something that fits the theme.
Every now and then I’ll be in my scraproom and something will catch my eye and I’ll be like Dang! That would have been perfect for the theme about 3 weeks ago…
Im always a day late, a dollar short
Oh, and you are only suppose to show a ‘glimpse’ of your studio. Never the whole thing! Just a peek… I love that!

And another thing, gosh I have a lot on my mind today don’t I?

I want to start knitting again just so I can make this

Or this:

Im feeling all inspired today…hold me back.

Sunday, February 19, 2006


This guy is amazing!!!
His name is Chris Bliss.
Turn up your sound really loud and sit back and watch this amazing Juggling
Click on the yellow 'watch ' button

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

hamburger hearts

Paul and I have never been huge celebrators of Valentines day...we buy cards, sometimes a gift, but rarely dinner...well we do eat dinner of course, but we don't usually go out to dinner on that day, mostly because I hate crowds and its stupid to me to fight with crowded resturants just so you can say you went out to dinner for Valentines day....

So last night I had planned on making hamburgers for dinner.
That in itself is odd since we seldom eat beef and never seem to have ground beef and fresh hamburger buns at the same time.
So anyway after a day in the office of hearing everyone talking about their dinner plans for the evening, and watching all the ladies around me receive red roses throughout the day, Im feeling like a big ole' looser for not planning anything more special for dinner.

But I plug onward with the planned menu and I grab a handful of ground beef and roll it into a ball, flatten it with the palm of my hand and look at it...its in the shape of a heart..sort of, pretty close anyway.
It was pretty cool!
Not quite as kool as seeing Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwhich, not sell it on ebay kind of cool, but pretty cool.
So with a little pushing around I make it into an awesome heart and throw it in the pan to sizzle away...make another cute little heart patty and be done.

Paul comes in the kitchen and sees my hamburger hearts sizzling away in the pan and says
"you make my hamburger into a heart?...huge smile on his face.
Of course I did! planned it all along dear!
gotta make a special dinner for ya :-)
So the mustard and catsup both got squirted onto the bun in a heart too...Im a valentines fool now...

I should have taken a photo of it!
Should have taken a closer look at my toasted bun to make sure there wasnt another sign of love broiled onto it. Maybe I could have sold it on ebay...

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My guy

Happy valentines day to the best guy in the world!
Love you!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

The Jenni Bowlin kits are coming....

Im anxiously awaiting my Jenni Bowlin Feb Kit to come.
I think they shipped last Friday ....
hurry, hurry, hurry!

Jenni is so talented and Im really looking forward to getting her first kit.
I want her to push me a little outside my comfort zone,
try new things,
different products than I usually buy,
do something different.

Her inspiration is up on the site...
Wow!!! cant wait to get my hands on this kit and create something ....

I tried to scrap some this weekend but my mind kept thinking about all the cool stuff coming in the kit that I want to use instead of the stuff I have already. . .

hurry, hurry, hurry....

Update: It came!!! Whooohooo-its awesome!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

French Fries and Valentines

News flash…Just in case you were trying to convince yourself otherwise…this now in

McDonald's French fries contain one-third more trans fats than previously thought after the company used a new method to test for the harmful ingredient still widely used in many foods. The disclosure comes as food companies are implementing new US government rules in force since last month requiring all packaged food labels to specify the level of trans fats in food products………….great, as if I needed another reason to feel guilty every time I eat McDonalds French fries- which by the way are the best!

I also saw another headline today that made me stop and think about what today’s date was…for the record it’s only February 8th but this was the headline –

Procrastination Central – last minute valentine gift ideas.
Now in my book with almost a week to go before Valentines Day, we should not be labeled as procrastinators!!!
Is this now considered last minute or is this just a retailer’s view of last minute?
After all they put out the valentines stuff right after Christmas, nearly a month and a half ago.
This is not last minute people!
February 14th is last minute.

I got the card but the gift is still in question.
My problem is communicating to my valentine what the expectation is so our gifts are in sync. We have this problem gifting at the same level.
Usually one of us goes overboard with something extravagant and the other one just gives a card. This is usually a very uncomfortable moment for both valentines.
Then the next year, we flip with the opposite person giving a huge gift and the other giving a card…
I think we will probably settle on a simple gift and card but I need to communicate that to my valentine so he can relax…he always seems to be trying to gauge what I plan to give him before he goes shopping.
Youd think after 21 years of marriage, we’d have discussed this by now.
Obviously our problem is not procrastination so much as communication

Thursday, February 02, 2006

A word to Texas…shut up!

Okay, that’s two words.
I have no qualms with Texas.
I like the state actually.
But what the heck has flown up Texas A & M’s bonnet?

If you haven’t heard, Texas A & M has sought a restraining order against the Seattle Seahawks, asking them to stop promoting the 12th Man…
They say that they have a legal claim to the 12th Man Slogan.

They claim they’ve been using this for like…80 years or so and they own the rights to it.
Nobody else can say that they have a 12th man.
Only them.
They demand we stop having 12.

Since we’ve been also using the term for over 30 years it just seems like poor sportsmanship to me. Now that we’re in the Super Bowl and there’s a little bit of attention being given to our use of the number 12, they’re ticked overit.

I do have some small understanding with trademarks
not a lot, but a little and although I feel their pain
H.E.L.L.O …
you can’t trademark normal speech.
You can’t stop people from using normal words.
12 is a normal word
Something called fair use privilege.

So Texas A & M, we think we’ve earned this privilege.
Get over yourselves.

After all, have we tried to stop people from doing the WAVE at sporting events???
No we have not.
you can WAVE all you want.

For those who don’t know the very first Wave, where fans form a wave going around the stadium by standing up, then sitting down, occurred at Husky Stadium -- the October 31, 1981 UW-Stanford game.

And you know what? It’s okay with us if you do it too.
It’s fun.
It lets you stretch your legs a little during a long game.
It gives you something to do during a boring game.
And we’ve had plenty of both in Seattle.

and we want to say 12th Man...