Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Blogging ideas!

If you are a blogger, and more and more of us are these days, you may have run across a post that mentions a daily or weekly challenge. Im always trying to think of something new to blog about because I lead such an oh so exciting life … anyway, I’ve been peeking around for some interesting blogging ideas.
There have been several photo a day challenges but I know that I would have a hard time keeping up with those. Thats out
Theres a self portrait Tuesday challenge- deffinately not for me.
For awhile I did Thankful Thursdays and I still like that idea and try to be thankful at least one day a week for something.
But I recently heard of a new one that I really like… Its called Corners of my Home. I love this idea!!!
Some of my corners are a little dusty tho …hmmm, maybe not such a good idea but Im going to do it anyway. Im sure I can find a few clean corners.
Here’s some backround on that challenge.

go down to the Jan 6th entry on corners of my home.

And see some of the groups entires here
Cool huh?
I love looking at all this inspriation.

Another interesting one I’ve seen a lot of is Studio Friday.
Anyone who reads Ali’s blog has seen her posts mentioning it.
Each week Tine Sparkles posts a challenge for the week.

here http://www.tinesparkles.squarespace.com/
There’s a new theme every week. Tine asks you to post your entry on your blog, then post on her blog and link back to your blog entry. She consolidates them for all to enjoy.
For awhile now I’ve been following along, just not posting to my blog or linking it back to Tines blog. Just kind of pretending I guess.
Im ALMOST ready to committ to it this week.
I’ll start slow and just post it to my blog, not link to Tines.
It’s a little scary ya know?
These guys are really artsy fartsy and Im, well, Im not so much that.
The really cool thing about it is just to have it in the back of your mind, to be on the hunt for something that fits the theme.
Every now and then I’ll be in my scraproom and something will catch my eye and I’ll be like Dang! That would have been perfect for the theme about 3 weeks ago…
Im always a day late, a dollar short
Oh, and you are only suppose to show a ‘glimpse’ of your studio. Never the whole thing! Just a peek… I love that!

And another thing, gosh I have a lot on my mind today don’t I?

I want to start knitting again just so I can make this http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEsummer05/PATTwildstripes.html

Or this:


Im feeling all inspired today…hold me back.


Suzelle said...

Cool... :)

EC said...

kate the kitty from knitty is my next project. =)

i know jill wants to learn to knit for the first time - maybe we can all get together sometime!

maria said...

Thanks for the ideas! I can't wait to go check out those sites now. Good luck with the knitting (that's something I've never learned yet).