Wednesday, February 08, 2006

French Fries and Valentines

News flash…Just in case you were trying to convince yourself otherwise…this now in

McDonald's French fries contain one-third more trans fats than previously thought after the company used a new method to test for the harmful ingredient still widely used in many foods. The disclosure comes as food companies are implementing new US government rules in force since last month requiring all packaged food labels to specify the level of trans fats in food products………….great, as if I needed another reason to feel guilty every time I eat McDonalds French fries- which by the way are the best!

I also saw another headline today that made me stop and think about what today’s date was…for the record it’s only February 8th but this was the headline –

Procrastination Central – last minute valentine gift ideas.
Now in my book with almost a week to go before Valentines Day, we should not be labeled as procrastinators!!!
Is this now considered last minute or is this just a retailer’s view of last minute?
After all they put out the valentines stuff right after Christmas, nearly a month and a half ago.
This is not last minute people!
February 14th is last minute.

I got the card but the gift is still in question.
My problem is communicating to my valentine what the expectation is so our gifts are in sync. We have this problem gifting at the same level.
Usually one of us goes overboard with something extravagant and the other one just gives a card. This is usually a very uncomfortable moment for both valentines.
Then the next year, we flip with the opposite person giving a huge gift and the other giving a card…
I think we will probably settle on a simple gift and card but I need to communicate that to my valentine so he can relax…he always seems to be trying to gauge what I plan to give him before he goes shopping.
Youd think after 21 years of marriage, we’d have discussed this by now.
Obviously our problem is not procrastination so much as communication


Anonymous said...

Dang! I love love love McD's french fries!!!!!!

Maria said...

Gee, I guess I must be one of those it is, the day before and I haven't gotten anything for my hubby! Ooops!