Wednesday, February 15, 2006

hamburger hearts

Paul and I have never been huge celebrators of Valentines day...we buy cards, sometimes a gift, but rarely dinner...well we do eat dinner of course, but we don't usually go out to dinner on that day, mostly because I hate crowds and its stupid to me to fight with crowded resturants just so you can say you went out to dinner for Valentines day....

So last night I had planned on making hamburgers for dinner.
That in itself is odd since we seldom eat beef and never seem to have ground beef and fresh hamburger buns at the same time.
So anyway after a day in the office of hearing everyone talking about their dinner plans for the evening, and watching all the ladies around me receive red roses throughout the day, Im feeling like a big ole' looser for not planning anything more special for dinner.

But I plug onward with the planned menu and I grab a handful of ground beef and roll it into a ball, flatten it with the palm of my hand and look at it...its in the shape of a heart..sort of, pretty close anyway.
It was pretty cool!
Not quite as kool as seeing Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwhich, not sell it on ebay kind of cool, but pretty cool.
So with a little pushing around I make it into an awesome heart and throw it in the pan to sizzle away...make another cute little heart patty and be done.

Paul comes in the kitchen and sees my hamburger hearts sizzling away in the pan and says
"you make my hamburger into a heart?...huge smile on his face.
Of course I did! planned it all along dear!
gotta make a special dinner for ya :-)
So the mustard and catsup both got squirted onto the bun in a heart too...Im a valentines fool now...

I should have taken a photo of it!
Should have taken a closer look at my toasted bun to make sure there wasnt another sign of love broiled onto it. Maybe I could have sold it on ebay...


Mo said...

K. I wanted to see a picture of your heart burgers!!!! LOL!! That is thee cutest thing I've ever heard. :) Mo

Hillary said...

Too cute!

maria said...

Oh, how cute is that!!!

Amy G said...

cute idea!!