Thursday, February 02, 2006

A word to Texas…shut up!

Okay, that’s two words.
I have no qualms with Texas.
I like the state actually.
But what the heck has flown up Texas A & M’s bonnet?

If you haven’t heard, Texas A & M has sought a restraining order against the Seattle Seahawks, asking them to stop promoting the 12th Man…
They say that they have a legal claim to the 12th Man Slogan.

They claim they’ve been using this for like…80 years or so and they own the rights to it.
Nobody else can say that they have a 12th man.
Only them.
They demand we stop having 12.

Since we’ve been also using the term for over 30 years it just seems like poor sportsmanship to me. Now that we’re in the Super Bowl and there’s a little bit of attention being given to our use of the number 12, they’re ticked overit.

I do have some small understanding with trademarks
not a lot, but a little and although I feel their pain
H.E.L.L.O …
you can’t trademark normal speech.
You can’t stop people from using normal words.
12 is a normal word
Something called fair use privilege.

So Texas A & M, we think we’ve earned this privilege.
Get over yourselves.

After all, have we tried to stop people from doing the WAVE at sporting events???
No we have not.
you can WAVE all you want.

For those who don’t know the very first Wave, where fans form a wave going around the stadium by standing up, then sitting down, occurred at Husky Stadium -- the October 31, 1981 UW-Stanford game.

And you know what? It’s okay with us if you do it too.
It’s fun.
It lets you stretch your legs a little during a long game.
It gives you something to do during a boring game.
And we’ve had plenty of both in Seattle.

and we want to say 12th Man...

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