Monday, March 13, 2006

2006 resolution progress

Two of my resolutions at the start of 2006 were that I wanted to simplify and organize.
No one is more surprised than I that its now ONLY March and Im actually already working on these resolutions!
I know!!! its crazy... I am so into it I can't even believe it myself.
I want to throw everything away these days. Everything...
I just am so tired of the clutter around me that it needs to go.
I want to open closets and see lots of empty space.
I want to open drawers and have them almost fly open because their empty.
Im feeling only a moment or two of longing as I haul stuff out of the house and put it in the back of the truck to be taken to the goodwill or to the dump.
A few moments of thinking, hmmmm I should have a yard sell and get money for this good stuff.
A few nano seconds of maybe I should keep this.
but I've been there before. If I stop and look at something long enough, I'll take it back into the house and tuck it away somewhere. If I put it in the garage to save for a yard sell, it will never happen and I'll be stuck with that stuff... So Im not gonna stop. Im not looking...
It feels good!

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maria said...

I fing it so hard to part with things, but it's a good thing to not let the stuff get piled up! Good luck with your resolution! Keep up the good work. :)