Saturday, March 25, 2006

Memory Makers Masters

I really love entering the big scrapbook contests, HOF, PKPT, Make it Meaningful and Memory Makers Masters.
I love them because they push me.
They push me to make each layout the best that I can make it.
Im really not into making as many layouts as I can possibly push out.
I don't try to scrap my entire life, just a few special pictures that really speak to me....they say something I really want to remember or something I want my family to remember.

Entering these contests makes me want to make each and every layout really special.
I admit Im disappointed when I don't win, but not for long.
I still treasure each one of the layouts for the process that went into making each one of them.

Last year I only entered one contest. Memory Makers Masters.
I didn't win, but Memory Makers did ask for one of the layouts in my entry to be published in the best of the Memory Makers Masters book, out this month. Yippeee!

Thats kind of like a runner up to a runner up :)
This is the layout out of my entry that they published in the book. I don't think it was my favorite layout in my entry, but I was happy with the way it turned out. My faforite was my layout for the required theme of Comfort and Joy. We had to send the original Comfort and Joy layout in to MM, and we dont get them back unless their published. Thankfully I made a duplicate of mine :)

For some reason MMM likes me more than any other magazine so far. I think I've had 6 or 7 different layouts published with them, which for me is alot! I plan on entering MMM contest again in 2006. Maybe I will be a full blown runner up this year! : )


Reen said...

You're awesome chick! Congrats on getting your LO cool and so fun!! I'm happy for you :)

Mo said...

It's beautiful Susan! Congrats to you! :) Mo

JENNY B said...

such a great page susan! no wonder they picked it up! congrats to you! best of luck for mmm this year!

maria said...

Great layout! I love the colors and the pictures! And so great for you that you submit your work! Don't stop! You are extemely talented! I can't wait to see your name this year as a Memory Makers Masters! You go girl!

alyssa said...

Your lo is stunning! LOVE your photos & color combos. Congrats on the publication! :)

Look forward to seeing more stuff for the 21 day challenge. Woo woo!

~Caro~ said...

Congrats!! Your page is great! I can't wait to get my copy!

And from one 'real' runner-up, I have to say it has brought a LOT of great opportunities for me :)

Good luck!