Saturday, April 29, 2006

spending the day with Ethan

I love it when Jaryn lets us babysit Ethan.
We love to take him with us to do our shopping but we forget how little kids have a short tolerance for being pushed around. Shopping trips need to be short and sweet!
Here's some pics of our day with him today...

Going to the mall

And shopping for shoes... Just make it quick!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

another Elliott update

Im sure this is not very interesting blog material day after day, but an update is due.

Yesterday I talked to the Vet and told him I wasn't ready to give up on Elliott just yet.
He's got too much spunk in him still.
I asked him if we could do some blood tests just to rule out a viral infection and possibly do a chest tap to pull out some of the fluid from his lungs to see if we could find a cause.
He agreed and today I took him in for that.
They took his blood samples, no results of that until next week.
They couldn't do a chest tap, lots of reasons but mostly it would be too dangerous.
He did do another chest xray and saw more evidence of congestive heart failure - classic case he I guess the chest tap isn't really that important since we were able to confirm the heart is failing.
So, we're going to do two things. A diuretic. He'll pee like a race horse. Hopefully that will take the fluid out of his lungs, and a heart med. - to help his heart pump.
Oh yeah and some low sodium dog food. He's gonna be so pissed at that... Ha!
And I feel better, hopefully he'll start feeling better soon too.
Took this picture this morning...I was changing the bedding on our bed, he took about 2 seconds to make himself comfortable in the big pile of blankets and fall asleep :-)

Monday, April 24, 2006


an update on Elliott...
Paul and I decided we're not going to do anything just yet. We just can't do it for one thing...but right now although he huffs and puffs and caughs on and off, I still don't yet think its "time". If anything, it gives us a little time to let it soak in.
In the meantime, he's getting the royal treatment around here. Paul made him a hamburger on the grill last night when he did ours. :) I carry him up and down the stairs...he's getting lots and lots of extra hugs!

Im sure to some he has a face only a mother could love, but seriously this is the sweetest dog we have ever owned.
He's the third dog we've owned, all of them Lhasa Apsos.

We have one other Lhasa...named Mo ( short for Mochi...not Ramona! LOL!!!) seen in the bottom picture...
But we bought the other two dogs, Elliott we adopted.
A co-worker of mine had a father who was had cancer. She use to take Elliott to the hospital with her and he would go visit all the patients. When her father got very ill she needed to move in with him. She couldn't keep Elliott so I adopted him. He's been spoiled rotten since the day he showed up on our doorstep with his food dish that my coworkers little girl had painted for him, and his very loved tennis ball...both of which we still have.

He adores everyone. Seriously, a thief could walk right into our house and Elliott wouldn't even bark. He'd just sit there and watch them walk out with our TV. Ethan crawls all over him and pulls his hair. Elliott just sits there as if he's enjoying the massage.

Mo cant stand to be away from Elliott. When we take Elliott to the vet and leave Mo at home Mo barks his fool head off and gets totally stressed out. Im not sure what we're going to do about that when the 'time' comes.

I don't really see any of Elliotts imperfections. His tongue hangs out all the time and I spend $45 a month for eye drops for his dry eyes, another $10. a month in thyroid meds...He takes meds twice a day. He has hardly any teeth( and I've spent close to $700. to have them cleaned only to be pulled the following year). As you can see he hasn't missed any meals because of his lack of choppers! ha!
So for now, he's sticking around.
We'll know when it's time, and its not now....but it will be soon.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Well we got horrible news at Elliotts Vet appt today.
We took some chest xrays and found out he's having heart failure....
He's having a really hard time breathing and he's been caughing alot.
The dr says thats because his lungs are getting fluid leaking into them because the blood vessals are backing up into the lungs and ...and...I quit listening right about then.
It doesn't really matter anyway.
Theres nothing they can do to help him.
Not sure what we're going to do yet.
The Vet says we should do something soon, but I don't want to.
On the other hand, I don't want to watch him suffer either.
THIS is why I didn't want to take him to the vet.
Deep down I knew something really bad was wrong with him and I just didn't want to know about it.
'Cause when you know, you have to decide what your going to do...
I canceled his grooming appt. Im just going to bathe and cut his hair myself because the stress of going to the groomer is just too much for him. We need to keep him quiet and calm...

Monday, April 17, 2006


One of my most favorite desserts is Fruit Pizza.
Perfect after a heavy meal.
Just a little bit of something sweet
But not too sweet.
Not too cold
Not too fussy
Just plain ole snickerdoodle or sugar cookie crust
Sweetened cream cheese
Topped with Fruit
Whatever is in season
or even if its in a can
Covered with a glaze
made from the thickened juice from the can of Pineapple.
Its a hit every time.
Everyone wants to take some home with them.
Make two
There's never enough.
Next time I think Im going to drizzle just a little bit of melted chocolate in swirls before adding the glaze just to see if I can make a perfect dessert, any better.
So yummy
Good thing I made two
Thats all Im sayin'

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cherry Lemonade

I picked up a new Yankee Candle yesterday and I had it burning in the kitchen all afternoon.
Cherry Lemonade .... it just makes my mouth water!!! Smells just like a big glass of tart cherry lemonade.
Such a hard choice to just pick one though, the new spring scents are in with flavors like Juicy Orange, Juicy Watermelon, Clean Line or Greenhouse...So many yummy scents its impossible to choose a favorite.

Im such a sucker for candles, I love them!!!

What I really should do is just buy the small ones so I can try several.
These yankee candles last so long I'll probably be burning this one in my kitchen all summer long.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

home again

Returned from the 4 day crop just fine and dandy :)
Had so much fun and came home oh soooooo tired!!!
It makes me realize how much I love scrapbooking, how much I enjoy hanging with just a few girlfriends who also love to scrapbook, and last but not much I miss my husband, my scraproom and my own bed :)))
But to proove I actually did something more than drink wine and make trips to the B&R 31 flavors at 9:30pm for a hot brownie sudae...Here's a few of the layouts I did. They're not my favorite layouts, thats for sure.
I felt like I was trying to scrapbook with one arm tied behind my back since I didn't have a computer for journaling and I didn't take many supplies with me. What I missed most- my sewing machine. I realized its my favorite scrap tool right now. I use it on every single layout.
Im going to go back and sew on these layouts later.
We were limited in trunk space with three of us in one car, all our clothes and all our scrap supplies. My scrap tote was almost twice the size of my clothing bag which shows you where I put the importance of clothing...and I took less than 15 pictures with me.
they had two small scrapbook stores in the area which we went to, but both had very limited product in stock. Neither one had any cardstock, none...Can you imagine?
what the heck is up with a scrapbook store not carring cardstock.
Insane I tell ya.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

how do you pack for a 4 day crop?

I don't know how to pack for a one day crop, much less a 4 day crop.
Thrusday afternoon Im heading to eastern washington with 6 ladies to spend 4 days cropping, eating, sleeping, shopping and doing just about anything we please.
Im not a good group cropper.
I cant crop and visit at the same time so Im guessing I probably don't need to bring much in the way of scrapping supplies.
Maybe I'll just make cards...that doesn't take as much thinking and I can still look like Im going something.

Almost one year ago I went to Gig Harbor for 3 days with this same group of ladies.
That time the crop was put on by a LSS and we stayed at a hotel and all our meals were prepared for us. It was so fun, but I was so tired by the end of that are a few pictures from that trip.

This time, 6 of us are just heading over to one of the ladies vacation home.

Im sure it will be fun, but Im feeling a little stressed about leaving home for 3 nights without Paul. I know Im going to miss him and wish I was at home, sleeping in my own bed, scrapping in my own scraproom...oh why do I get my self into these things :)

what a baby I am...these girls are a blast and none of them get any scrapping done at these things. If I do 1 layout a day I'll be far ahead of any of them I'll bet! But sometimes scrapping is just about hanging out and enjoying other ladies who love to scrap too. Thats what this weekend will be about. And if I get anything done, that will be a bonus!