Thursday, April 27, 2006

another Elliott update

Im sure this is not very interesting blog material day after day, but an update is due.

Yesterday I talked to the Vet and told him I wasn't ready to give up on Elliott just yet.
He's got too much spunk in him still.
I asked him if we could do some blood tests just to rule out a viral infection and possibly do a chest tap to pull out some of the fluid from his lungs to see if we could find a cause.
He agreed and today I took him in for that.
They took his blood samples, no results of that until next week.
They couldn't do a chest tap, lots of reasons but mostly it would be too dangerous.
He did do another chest xray and saw more evidence of congestive heart failure - classic case he I guess the chest tap isn't really that important since we were able to confirm the heart is failing.
So, we're going to do two things. A diuretic. He'll pee like a race horse. Hopefully that will take the fluid out of his lungs, and a heart med. - to help his heart pump.
Oh yeah and some low sodium dog food. He's gonna be so pissed at that... Ha!
And I feel better, hopefully he'll start feeling better soon too.
Took this picture this morning...I was changing the bedding on our bed, he took about 2 seconds to make himself comfortable in the big pile of blankets and fall asleep :-)


Anonymous said...

How's Elliot today? That picture is so cute... I just wanna snuggle in there w/ him!!

Reen said...

He's so sweet! You're such a good Momma

maria said...

He is just too sweet! How did he wake up this morning? I hope he feels better and he stronger. I know with our Ali we are still waiting and thankfully she has kept the fight going. We took her for a second opinion and the second vet recommended a steroid injection to try to slow down the growth of the tumor and so far it's worked! That post of mine was from over two months ago and she is still very much kicking...she is a sweet heart and every extra minute we can spend with her is priceless. My heart goes out to you and prayers for your beautiful Elliot to get stronger so you can have more memories and precious Elliot-filled time. Hugs!