Saturday, April 15, 2006

Cherry Lemonade

I picked up a new Yankee Candle yesterday and I had it burning in the kitchen all afternoon.
Cherry Lemonade .... it just makes my mouth water!!! Smells just like a big glass of tart cherry lemonade.
Such a hard choice to just pick one though, the new spring scents are in with flavors like Juicy Orange, Juicy Watermelon, Clean Line or Greenhouse...So many yummy scents its impossible to choose a favorite.

Im such a sucker for candles, I love them!!!

What I really should do is just buy the small ones so I can try several.
These yankee candles last so long I'll probably be burning this one in my kitchen all summer long.


Suzelle said...

Sounds delicious :))))

Reen said...

Love your candles! I think I'll go light mine, you make me want to enjoy them :) ok, got it going now. It's called clean sheets, oh man it's yummy too!

Kristi Mangan said...

sounds wonderful... I'll have to go try that one out, I think I've used a tart in that scent before!

maria said...

I love candles too! Happy Easter!

Mo said...

Oooh a new flavor for me to try. Must check it out. :) Mo