Tuesday, April 11, 2006

home again

Returned from the 4 day crop just fine and dandy :)
Had so much fun and came home oh soooooo tired!!!
It makes me realize how much I love scrapbooking, how much I enjoy hanging with just a few girlfriends who also love to scrapbook, and last but not least...how much I miss my husband, my scraproom and my own bed :)))
But to proove I actually did something more than drink wine and make trips to the B&R 31 flavors at 9:30pm for a hot brownie sudae...Here's a few of the layouts I did. They're not my favorite layouts, thats for sure.
I felt like I was trying to scrapbook with one arm tied behind my back since I didn't have a computer for journaling and I didn't take many supplies with me. What I missed most- my sewing machine. I realized its my favorite scrap tool right now. I use it on every single layout.
Im going to go back and sew on these layouts later.
We were limited in trunk space with three of us in one car, all our clothes and all our scrap supplies. My scrap tote was almost twice the size of my clothing bag which shows you where I put the importance of clothing...and I took less than 15 pictures with me.
they had two small scrapbook stores in the area which we went to, but both had very limited product in stock. Neither one had any cardstock, none...Can you imagine?
what the heck is up with a scrapbook store not carring cardstock.
Insane I tell ya.


Anonymous said...

Great layouts!!! I love that title... "friends in low places" and the pictures are adorable! I'm glad you had fun. :)

Suzelle said...

Glad you had a good time :) These layouts are DARLING Susan !!

maria said...

Awesome layouts! So glad you had fun! There is something magical when you get a group of women together to scrap, isn't it? It's all oh so fun! I loved the title in your pages!

Kristi Mangan said...

gorgeous layouts Susan! Love that second one!!! I cannot imagine a SB store w/o cardstock??? That's insane! Glad you had a good time!