Tuesday, April 04, 2006

how do you pack for a 4 day crop?

I don't know how to pack for a one day crop, much less a 4 day crop.
Thrusday afternoon Im heading to eastern washington with 6 ladies to spend 4 days cropping, eating, sleeping, shopping and doing just about anything we please.
Im not a good group cropper.
I cant crop and visit at the same time so Im guessing I probably don't need to bring much in the way of scrapping supplies.
Maybe I'll just make cards...that doesn't take as much thinking and I can still look like Im going something.

Almost one year ago I went to Gig Harbor for 3 days with this same group of ladies.
That time the crop was put on by a LSS and we stayed at a hotel and all our meals were prepared for us. It was so fun, but I was so tired by the end of that weekend...here are a few pictures from that trip.

This time, 6 of us are just heading over to one of the ladies vacation home.

Im sure it will be fun, but Im feeling a little stressed about leaving home for 3 nights without Paul. I know Im going to miss him and wish I was at home, sleeping in my own bed, scrapping in my own scraproom...oh why do I get my self into these things :)

what a baby I am...these girls are a blast and none of them get any scrapping done at these things. If I do 1 layout a day I'll be far ahead of any of them I'll bet! But sometimes scrapping is just about hanging out and enjoying other ladies who love to scrap too. Thats what this weekend will be about. And if I get anything done, that will be a bonus!


Kristi Mangan said...

Those pics look like you guys had a blast! I know what you mean about group crops - I'm not really any good at them either... card-making is a good idea though!
Have fun Susan!

Sharon said...

You sound like me! Love hanging w/ friends... but I'm such a home-body and I miss my hubby when I'm away!

Reen said...

I love group crops Susan! I hope you have the best time :)

Suzelle said...

Oh Susan....how FUN, FUN, FUN !!! Enjoy every second :)))

maria said...

I loved seeing your pictures! Hope you enjoyed the trip!!!