Monday, April 24, 2006


an update on Elliott...
Paul and I decided we're not going to do anything just yet. We just can't do it for one thing...but right now although he huffs and puffs and caughs on and off, I still don't yet think its "time". If anything, it gives us a little time to let it soak in.
In the meantime, he's getting the royal treatment around here. Paul made him a hamburger on the grill last night when he did ours. :) I carry him up and down the stairs...he's getting lots and lots of extra hugs!

Im sure to some he has a face only a mother could love, but seriously this is the sweetest dog we have ever owned.
He's the third dog we've owned, all of them Lhasa Apsos.

We have one other Lhasa...named Mo ( short for Mochi...not Ramona! LOL!!!) seen in the bottom picture...
But we bought the other two dogs, Elliott we adopted.
A co-worker of mine had a father who was had cancer. She use to take Elliott to the hospital with her and he would go visit all the patients. When her father got very ill she needed to move in with him. She couldn't keep Elliott so I adopted him. He's been spoiled rotten since the day he showed up on our doorstep with his food dish that my coworkers little girl had painted for him, and his very loved tennis ball...both of which we still have.

He adores everyone. Seriously, a thief could walk right into our house and Elliott wouldn't even bark. He'd just sit there and watch them walk out with our TV. Ethan crawls all over him and pulls his hair. Elliott just sits there as if he's enjoying the massage.

Mo cant stand to be away from Elliott. When we take Elliott to the vet and leave Mo at home Mo barks his fool head off and gets totally stressed out. Im not sure what we're going to do about that when the 'time' comes.

I don't really see any of Elliotts imperfections. His tongue hangs out all the time and I spend $45 a month for eye drops for his dry eyes, another $10. a month in thyroid meds...He takes meds twice a day. He has hardly any teeth( and I've spent close to $700. to have them cleaned only to be pulled the following year). As you can see he hasn't missed any meals because of his lack of choppers! ha!
So for now, he's sticking around.
We'll know when it's time, and its not now....but it will be soon.


Reen said...

(((((Hugs))))) I love your dogs. I can see how much you love them too

((((more hugs))))

Suzelle said...

You doggies are so lucky to have you Susan...((HUGS))

Denise Gormish said...


So sorry for the news. You are right, though...let it sink in and enjoy your time.

maria said...

Hi there Susan, I'm so sorry about your doggie. Thanks for the update. I hope you get to keep him as much as possible...I know how painful it must be for you! Many hugs!