Monday, April 17, 2006


One of my most favorite desserts is Fruit Pizza.
Perfect after a heavy meal.
Just a little bit of something sweet
But not too sweet.
Not too cold
Not too fussy
Just plain ole snickerdoodle or sugar cookie crust
Sweetened cream cheese
Topped with Fruit
Whatever is in season
or even if its in a can
Covered with a glaze
made from the thickened juice from the can of Pineapple.
Its a hit every time.
Everyone wants to take some home with them.
Make two
There's never enough.
Next time I think Im going to drizzle just a little bit of melted chocolate in swirls before adding the glaze just to see if I can make a perfect dessert, any better.
So yummy
Good thing I made two
Thats all Im sayin'


Suzelle said...

YUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reen said...

Susan! The smile face in the center of that tray is totally cute, totally you! Love it!

Mo said...

Oh Wow! That sure does look good!!!! I'm gonna make it next time I need to bring a dessert somewhere. Do you use plain cream cheese? Mo

Kristi Mangan said...

Oh my gosh... that looks so delish! YUM-O! I need to make that the next time I have to go to a party or something! :)

maria said...

It looks delicious!!!!

sherry said...

Yummy! Looks delish!!