Monday, May 29, 2006


Today we took a drive to visit my daughter who lives about 3 hours away in Vancouver.
Its been a month or so since I saw her last and Im always excited when I get the chance to see her again.
This time was especially fun.
She recently got a new english bulldog puppy and she named her Wooggie. She's the cutest little thing I've ever seen!!!
Everywhere we took her people stopped us.
Isn't she adorable?
Jen works as a Vet tech so she takes Wooggie to work with her every day. She just hangs out in the office. She's a real sweetie.
And it was so fun to see Jenny... I miss her so much between our visits. I hope that one day she'll live close enough that I'll be able to see her when ever I want.
She moved away from home when she started working and now she has kind of put down her own roots in Vancouver. Once you do that its kind of hard to pull up and move, but I keep hoping that someday that might happen. I feel like we never had that time as Mother and Daughter being adults, and I miss that. I really enjoy spending time ~ hanging out with her, getting to know her, even just hearing about everyday life stuff ... When we go down for these quick one day trips, all I get is a few short hours...then I miss her until the next trip.I would love to be able to go shopping or have our nails done, or just have lunch and talk. Its a dream that someday I hope will come true. Smooches Jen :)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Mom, Me and Bob

Wanna see a cool picture?

This is my Mom when she was about 20 years old.
I think she's just beautiful.
She'd just had a baby, my older sister.
She and I were talking the other day about it. She told me that she always felt like she was such an ugly duckling. Now she looks at this picture and realizes how really pretty she was.
Isn't it weird what our perception of ourself is?
I remember feeling the same way when I was in my early 20's. Now I look back at picures of myself at that age and wish I still looked like that, or at least I wish I'd felt confident in myself at that time. I wonder if I'll feel the same when Im 70 and look back at myself now and say, what the heck was I so self consious of?
I doubt it, but its fun to think that way anyway....
I also figured out why I have no pictures of myself.
Paul takes a picture of me, and he takes one picture?
Does he think he's paying for film?
I take pictures and I take like a hundred.
Maybe 1 will come out- if Im lucky.
So I decided to take a picture of myself the other day. Ha!!!! what a joke.
I just cant take a picture of myself.
I don't think my arms are long enough because I get this fisheye thing, weird angles aren't good to me
....anyway, needed a picture to send to my daughter to show her my braces.
First problem, I don't smile big enough to show my braces. Cant do just feels un-natural, not that smiling and taking a picture of yourself feels natural.
So this is the best I can get after 42 pictures...
Im sure when Im 70 Im going to look back on this picture and think I looked totally hot. yeah right. I think not.

One last laugh for you today.
This is my brothers cat.
His name is Bob.
He weighs 35 lbs.
35 pounds!!!!!!
this is me trying to hold him on Mothers Day.
(This is how Paul takes pictures of me by the way)
Anyway, this picture doesn't do Bob justice.
He was breaking my arms. Seriously

Look how small his head is compared to his belly

Friday, May 12, 2006

Heavenly Lilac

Over the years I've accumulated 6 different lilac bushes/trees. Many of them are over 15 feet tall and just loaded down with flowers right now.
I have one in the front yard that is a french lilac. Its a pale lavendar color. My Mom gave that one to me and it has the most amazing smell.
You can smell it everywhere in the front of the house. I smell it as soon as I open my car door.
Then I have4 dark purple ones, one in the front yard and three in the back. Then I have a white lilac my girlfriend gave me.
Right now their ALL in bloom. Personnally, I love the smell but I know some people don't. I sure hope my neighbors like the smell...the one in the front is really the only one with a strong scent. I love this time of the year!

I cut 3 clusters of the light colored ones and two branches of the darker ones to make this vase full.
I wish this screen was scratch and sniff so you could smell how heavenly this smells!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Not much to Im not saying much

Im a total blogging slacker these days.
Lots going on, but nothing worth blogging about.

I'm busy lately. Too busy.
I'm finally scrapping though and right now the mojo is flowing so I'm just going to go with it.
Im not sure if this is the reason for it or not but I turned my whole scraping process upside down recently.
I journaled first. I've never done that before. I've heard that other people do it, but never tried it myself.
Wow, did that feel good... It seemed so much easier to me to get the story down without the picture.
Im not sure why that is.
For some reason I had these ideas strike me and I could hardly wait to do a layout about them. Dont ya just love it when that happens?
I didn't have (enough) time to scrap so I did the journaling just to get it down before I forgot.

For one of the pages I need to take pictures to go along with it. For others I have pictures that will work.
I cant seem to scrap it all fast enough so I've been drawing sketches while Im at work, (during my lunch break of course :) ... several for each layout with different ideas for each one.
Im not sure why its happening like this, but it really feels good- I really hope it continues.

Do you have a process you go though for scrapping?
Try doing it backwards....

Saturday, May 06, 2006

A new find, Ethan and Elliott

Yesterday I was shopping in one of my favorite places, Cost Plus World Imports.
Up on a top shelf above the dishes all by itself was this!
Now it sits on the corner of my scrap table to hold my stamps and stuff.
I think I might get some little jars at Ikea and put all my buttons in the bottom part, but for right now its just holding misc tools. Isn't it fun? I like it. And it was only $9.00!

Then today we watched Ethan...I always look forward to spending a few hours with him. We had a fun time and he went with us to take Elliott to the vet for his check up.

Which by the way went fairly well.
The Vet always has a hard time hearing Elliotts heart because he huffs and puffs so much.
But he said that he did get to hear it a few times and he said it sounded pretty good and his lungs were much more clear...
and he lost 1/2 lb.
Cool huh? Its a start!
We still havent decided to have the other test done for Addisons. We need to do some more research before we decide.

Friday, May 05, 2006

A new obsession

Have you tried a Blackberry Green Tea Frappuccino yet?
If not, you need to. My online friend Maria had a picture of in her blog yesterday.

Today I was running errands and didn't have time to eat lunch. I realized how hungry I was just as I was walking past a Starbucks. I remembered Marias post and two minutes later I had this baby in my hot little hand.
Don't let the strange color combination fool you. Green and purple is kind of a weird color combo for food but this is truely YUMMY!
Im not sure it will replace my favorite summer drink, Green Tea Iced lemonade. At least that one I can have AND eat lunch too :-)
good thing I didn't eat lunch because this puppy has some calories loaded in it! Next time Im leaving off the whipped cream. I think it would still be delish...
But thanks Maria...this was yummy!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What do chickens do after Easter is over?

My Dad is a funny guy.
He thinks of things normal people just don’t think about.
Here’s an example.
On Easter we’re talking about coloring Easter Eggs.
My Mom says something like she likes to make egg salad sandwiches out of the left over Easter Eggs. She says she’s not sure why she never thinks to make them except at Easter time when she has all those Easter eggs to use up. Same thing with Deviled Eggs.
So we go on to discuss how the egg farmers must love Easter time because they sell so many more eggs than they do the rest of the year, and how do you think Easter Eggs ever came about as an Easter tradition and so on.
So Dad says, what do you think happens to all those eggs the rest of the year?
At my quizzical expression he says, Well obviously egg producers sell a whole lot more eggs during the weeks leading up to Easter…those Chickens didn’t just start working overtime.
How do they increase production just for Easter? How do they make them stop when its over?


See what I mean?
He thinks of weird stuff all the time.
Has me thinking about it for weeks.
Sometimes I’ll come up with the answer and call him a week or so later and say something like…

They freeze dry the eggs the rest of the year and use them in Bisquik!
To which he says