Monday, May 22, 2006

Mom, Me and Bob

Wanna see a cool picture?

This is my Mom when she was about 20 years old.
I think she's just beautiful.
She'd just had a baby, my older sister.
She and I were talking the other day about it. She told me that she always felt like she was such an ugly duckling. Now she looks at this picture and realizes how really pretty she was.
Isn't it weird what our perception of ourself is?
I remember feeling the same way when I was in my early 20's. Now I look back at picures of myself at that age and wish I still looked like that, or at least I wish I'd felt confident in myself at that time. I wonder if I'll feel the same when Im 70 and look back at myself now and say, what the heck was I so self consious of?
I doubt it, but its fun to think that way anyway....
I also figured out why I have no pictures of myself.
Paul takes a picture of me, and he takes one picture?
Does he think he's paying for film?
I take pictures and I take like a hundred.
Maybe 1 will come out- if Im lucky.
So I decided to take a picture of myself the other day. Ha!!!! what a joke.
I just cant take a picture of myself.
I don't think my arms are long enough because I get this fisheye thing, weird angles aren't good to me
....anyway, needed a picture to send to my daughter to show her my braces.
First problem, I don't smile big enough to show my braces. Cant do just feels un-natural, not that smiling and taking a picture of yourself feels natural.
So this is the best I can get after 42 pictures...
Im sure when Im 70 Im going to look back on this picture and think I looked totally hot. yeah right. I think not.

One last laugh for you today.
This is my brothers cat.
His name is Bob.
He weighs 35 lbs.
35 pounds!!!!!!
this is me trying to hold him on Mothers Day.
(This is how Paul takes pictures of me by the way)
Anyway, this picture doesn't do Bob justice.
He was breaking my arms. Seriously

Look how small his head is compared to his belly


Suzelle said...

So true Susan..... How cute are you !!!!!! That cat....makes me hurt to look at him...LOL !!!!

maria said...

Oh, how cute! I ALWAYS wanted to have braces! I think they look cool. The picture of your mom is indeed BEAUTIFUL! And it's so true how very often our own perception of ourselves can be so different from reality. This weekend I was looking over some pictures from 2002 when DD was 5 and I looked at myself in those pictures and said, "wow look how skinny I looked there"...but thinking back in those days I was feeling so overweight! It's really funny to see this now.

Reen said...

Susan, Your Mom looks beautiful in that picture. I liked your self-portrait, hope you're getting used to your new braces too.

JENNY B said...

holy moley--- that's a big cat!!!!!!!! and I thought spaz was huge... your kitty has him beat!

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Your mom looks beautiful! You totally need to have more photos of yourself taken. I can't believe that cat weights 35 pounds! Wowzaz!

Mo said...

Bwahahahha!!!! I can't take a pic of myself to save my life. And I doubt that I'll think I was hot when I look back on them when I'm 70 unless I have cataracts. LOL! Mo