Saturday, May 06, 2006

A new find, Ethan and Elliott

Yesterday I was shopping in one of my favorite places, Cost Plus World Imports.
Up on a top shelf above the dishes all by itself was this!
Now it sits on the corner of my scrap table to hold my stamps and stuff.
I think I might get some little jars at Ikea and put all my buttons in the bottom part, but for right now its just holding misc tools. Isn't it fun? I like it. And it was only $9.00!

Then today we watched Ethan...I always look forward to spending a few hours with him. We had a fun time and he went with us to take Elliott to the vet for his check up.

Which by the way went fairly well.
The Vet always has a hard time hearing Elliotts heart because he huffs and puffs so much.
But he said that he did get to hear it a few times and he said it sounded pretty good and his lungs were much more clear...
and he lost 1/2 lb.
Cool huh? Its a start!
We still havent decided to have the other test done for Addisons. We need to do some more research before we decide.


Suzelle said...

I have that EXACT little 2 tiered baby from Cost Plus. I have mine on my butcher block with garlic on the top and onions on the bottom :) Ethan is ADORABLE !!!!

maria said...

Ethan is way too cute :)
I love your new toy from Cost I might just have to make a trip there. It looks perfect for stamps! And I just got that same circle stamp this weekend by the way! I love it :)

Mo said...

LOVE that little tiered thing Susan!!!! But, we don't have those stores around here. :(((

Ethan is a doll baby!!!! Keep taking pix!!!