Friday, May 05, 2006

A new obsession

Have you tried a Blackberry Green Tea Frappuccino yet?
If not, you need to. My online friend Maria had a picture of in her blog yesterday.

Today I was running errands and didn't have time to eat lunch. I realized how hungry I was just as I was walking past a Starbucks. I remembered Marias post and two minutes later I had this baby in my hot little hand.
Don't let the strange color combination fool you. Green and purple is kind of a weird color combo for food but this is truely YUMMY!
Im not sure it will replace my favorite summer drink, Green Tea Iced lemonade. At least that one I can have AND eat lunch too :-)
good thing I didn't eat lunch because this puppy has some calories loaded in it! Next time Im leaving off the whipped cream. I think it would still be delish...
But thanks Maria...this was yummy!


Suzelle said...

YUMM-O :))))

maria said...

Wow...I loved your post! How cool that you actually took the picture of it in your hand. THIS IS AWESOME! You've made me
S-M-I-L-E :)
Happy NSD by the way! :)